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Updated March 16, 2010

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This site has always been about me and the people I know. I'm using it mostly as a directory for my other sites: Blogs, Photos, Wiki's, etc.

About Craig Maas

I'm a baby boomer who likes Rock music, drawing, and computers. I read a lot and am interested a wide variety of topics. I've never been married, but I'm close to my sister's family.
I have a company that I started with my father Ray Maas in 1991 called Effective Concepts LLC. Although our primary focus is lighting, we also do HVAC, energy savings analysis, marketing, design work both graphic and internet. I have a Marketing Degree from MSUM in Moorhead, MN. I have lots of business experience and pick up new skills easily.

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Web Sites I've Designed

I've been designing web sits for almost ten years. I done big sites with hundreds of pages, with e-commerce, and I've done small web sites with only a couple pages. I assisted people with setting up blogs, photo sites, and wiki's. Rather than go into detail here, if you're interest contact me. You can also check my company web site EffectiveConcepts.net but the primary focus there is lighting. I have started a blog on that site where I can talk about work related topics.

Social Sites

You can find me on some of the more popular web sites, although to be fair I'm not that excited about these sites. They seem to be solutions in search of a problem. They are a subset of the broader internet - anything you can do on a social network you can do on the broader internet; usually better.

More About This Site

  1. Blog. I started blogging again on October 1, 2007. I'm not a very good writer but I like to think I'm improving. I also have a company blog, a fiction blog: Decoherence, and a tumblog: teh ferret for odd links and comments.
  2. Books. I get a lot of email about the books I read. I put my first list on the web some years ago as a lark, and have continued each year as it seems popular. I've added more images and links to the book reviews. I've kept notes on books I've read for a long time. It's not a perfect list but I do have entries back to 1967. I also have a Top 100 Bookslist. The list was done in a hurry and it needs to be updated.
  3. Music/pmWiki. I haven't gotten any feedback on this project. It's a lot of work, so I pulled the plug in 2009. I wanted a site like "Wilson & Alroy's Records Reviews" (They've done just about everything I was thinking of doing only better.) In the meantime there are a lot of reviews of music: current albums I'm listening too, Topics, and a look at the Top 100 charts from 1960-2006 (incomplete). My taste in music range from Rock, Pop, Rock and Roll, Garage Rock, and 70's R&B.
  4. Notes/pbWiki. A collection of odds and ends. I'm using PBwiki.com. This and Google Web Page Creator are two easy ways anyone can put up a web page with no cost and little bother.
  5. Photos/Flickr. I'm using Flickr.com for photos that don't fall into sets and as links for photo galleries on Zenfolio. My photos have descriptions and tags so they can be searched.
  6. Photos/Picasa. I am also hosting some photos on Google's Picasa web site. Generally these are events with lots of photos- as opposed to what I'm posting on Flickr. Most are Public but there are some private collections. These photos tend to involve events that I wasn't not involved with. I also host some of my blog images here.
  7. Photos/Zenfolio. Since 2008 I'm posting most of my photos on Zenfolio. If you want to see the family photos drop me an email and I'll give you an invite.
  8. Media. I created some interesting animations and other online media projects in the early days of the internet.
  9. About & Link . This has all the little trivia and items about me that I didn't know what to do with including links to other sites and a Google Search box, which will search my web site.
  10. Bookmarks. This is my home page, it probably says more about me than anything I could ever write. It's also updated frequently. I've also started using Del.ico.us to track my bookmarks. This is a good service but I still like my static collection of Bookmarks.
  11. Archive. Short descriptions and links to pages I've posted on this web site since 2005.


Craig's Bookmarks
Some time ago I posted a file with all my bookmarks to this site. I did it for myself. I could get at them no matter which browser I was using, no matter where I was, no matter what computer system I was using.
At the top are my 'Hot' bookmarks. I check them everyday. Next are the search engines followed by the Table of contents. Finally the links. I have so many that I need to put them into groups.

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My friend Vic Teigen has asked me to post some photos and text, so I posted some items on googles' web site.

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