Hapless by Craig Maas

Hap: Austin, We can work in the break room can't we?

Austin: Yes Hap, but we aren't allowed in the Prep Room or the Hanger.

Austin: So far those security guys have been pretty good
about getting us in these security areas.

This is CNN Headline News.
This late breaking story just in.

Model 1000 Motion Dectector

Hap: Austin? Do you want me to get you a ballast?
Badges Badges We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges

Austin: No Hap, I only want to check this fixture for Goldstar Ballasts

Security as been tighten on all airforce
bases after a series of espionige cases.

President Clinton has authorized the use
of deadly force to stop the . . .

Austin: What's that sound? We didn't set off an alarm, did we?!


Hap: I don't hear anything. It's probably the fan.

. . . flow of top secret
documents to enemies of the United States.

Security; Drop that wire nut right now!
What are doing in this area?

Hap: Oh Oh

Security; You were told to stay out of the hanger.
Now I have to fill out more paperwork.
It might be easiler if I shot you!?

Hap: But, but, but We weren't in the hanger

The President is asking the military to
shoot first and ask questions later.

Austin: Could someone Please turn off this TV?!