1996 Reading Record Comments
  I'm starting to read more and more computer books. If you want more information about a book, click the title or the book image for links to Amazon.
Page Count Grade 0-9 Date I finished Source (FPL: Fargo Public Library)
Electric Guitars And Basses Electric Guitars And Basses
A Photographic History
by: Gruhn, George and Carter, Walter Start of the year with a picture book. The history of Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, and Gretsch was interesting. 246 pages 5.1 1/2/96 FPL
End Of Education, The End Of Education, The
Redefining The Value Of School
by: Postman, Neil Very good book. I should get Suzanne to read it. I wonder how Rush would react to it. 197 pages 7.0 1/11/96 FPL
To Renew America To Renew America
by: Gingrich, Newt Easy to read and very positive. It was a little disjointed. 249 pages 6.8 1/17/96 FPL
Art Of Mingling, The Art Of Mingling, The
by: Martinet, Jeanne This book had some interesting ideas but wasn't a how to manual so much as Jeanne's adventures in mingling. The only thing I learned to use was "How did you get here?" as an opening line. 150 pages 3.0 1/26/96 MSU
Made In America Made In America
My Story
by: Walton, Sam Very interesting story of Sam Walton's rise from a Ben Franklin to 50 billion in sales at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. He used niche marketing, putting the customer and teamwork. At first I wondered if dad read it. (It was his book) The ten points were unlined in the back- but they be all the further he got? 262 pages 6.2 1/27/96 Dad
Stories Of Vladimir Nabokov, The Stories Of Vladimir Nabokov, The
by: Nabokov, Vladimir I read 157 of 659 pages. This collection contains all the stories in the other collections I've read plus thirteen newly translated ones. These were all old old stories and not all that good. The stories are all in chroniclogical order. Near page 100 they started getting better. I read a few stories in between the new ones. If I find this book cheap I will buy it. 157 pages 5.0 2/2/96 FPL
Watching TV Watching TV
Six Decades Of American Television
by: Castleman, Harry and Podrazik, Walter J. I got this book so I could make a database of Televison shows so I could relive my youth. I decided to read it. Very interesting: what makes for a hit show. 308 pages 6.8 2/6/96 FPL
Closing Time Closing Time
The Sequel To Catch-22
by: Heller, Joseph It's a bitter sweet tale of the WWII Generation. Heller reintroduces us to some of the charactors from Catch 22. Heller is successful as a satirist but sometimes he goes to far and the plot is too surreal to work. I can't blame him for being old but why be bitter after buying into all that liberal government crap. 464 pages 6.2 2/13/96 MSU
Snows Of Olympus, The Snows Of Olympus, The
by: Clarke, Arthur C. I think this so called book is nothing but an excuse for Clarke to publish some Mars Terraform renderings he did on his amiga computer. It was sort of interesting but nothing that would make me think we should spend 10 billion dollars to go. Raise the money in the private sector. 112 pages 4.0 2/16/96 FPL
Nano Nano
The Emerging Science Of Nanotechnology
by: Regis, Ed Remaking the world- molecule by molecule. I was fascinated, this technology could (will) change the world. I will also add a level of complexity to social while making it seem simpler. 308 pages 8.0 2/27/96 FPL
Logan Logan
A Trilogy
by: Nolan, William F. All together this is the size of one novel. I knew these books were short when I finished "Logan's "World" in one sitting in bed. The Introduction: "Logan: A Media History" was the most interesting ie. Jessica St. George PB6502. "Logan's Run" is still a fast paced adventure story, "Logan's World" is interesting but has lost all it's sheen in the ages, and "Logan's Search" I barely recalled other than it wasn't very good- it wasn't. I barely got this book started in February, good thing there were 29 days, I might not have started it until next year. There is just something fascination about "Logan's Run", and it resinate with February. 384 pages 5.3 3/6/96 Craig
David Brinkley David Brinkley
A Memoir
by: Brinkley , David It was a good, warm, friendly read, yet it was disjointed. It has the subtitle of: "11 Presidents, 4 Wars, 22 Political Conventions, 1 Moon Landing, 3 Assassinations, 2,00 Weeks of news and other stuff on television, and 18 years of growing up in North Carolina. David jumped around from topic to topic. I could hear his voice and it was soothing. 273 pages 4.0 3/7/96 Dad
Red Flag Red Flag
Air Combat For The 1990s
by: Skinner, Michael and Hall, George Lots of fun to read, full of pictures and fighter pilot trivia. 125 pages 7.4 3/17/96 Craig
A-10 Warthog A-10 Warthog
Supreme In The Tank-Busting Role
by: Dorr, Robert F. and Jolly, Randy Mostly pictures, not enough trivia. 128 pages 3.8 3/19/96 Craig
Insanely Great Insanely Great
The Life And Times Of Macintosh, The Computer That Changed Everything
by: Levy, Steven When I picked up the book, I thought Steve Jobs wrote, but I like Steven Levy so I wasn't disappointed. This 1994 book is already out of date, a problem with computer books. It was interesting look at the creation of the Macintosh. 290 pages 5.5 3/31/96 MSU
Third Apple, The Third Apple, The
by: Gassée, Jean-Louis This was the least likely book I was going to read. It was surprisingly good. It wasn't about Apple per see, but a rambling disertation. Each chapter was a different topic. This 1985/87 book predicted the Internet and the barriers, solutions. Jean has a certain flair. 212 pages 6.2 4/7/96 MSU
Selling The Dream Selling The Dream
by: Kawasaki, Guy The book was interesting buy flakey in places. I think dad would get a lot out of it, so I better keep it away from him. haha. The chapter on the Macintosh program seems like filler. He needs more varied examples. Being an Evangelists, is like being an unpaid or underpaid salesman. 323 pages 6.2 4/10/96 MSU
Collected Short Stories Vol 3 Collected Short Stories Vol 3
by: Maugham, W. Somerset Volume 3 is the Ashenden spy stories. I read 256 pages of this book back in March 95, but I ran out of time. I finished it easily now. This collection seems to be his South Pacific stories. 464 pages 6.8 4/15/96 MSU
Flat Tax, The (Freedom, Fairness, Jobs And Growth) Flat Tax, The (Freedom, Fairness, Jobs And Growth)
by: Mitchell, Daniel Another free book from the Heritage foundation. I knew most of the points they made in favor of the flat tax. I nice little collection of fact to refute anyone against the flat tax. 93 pages 3.5 5/2/96 Craig
Lucky Jim Lucky Jim
by: Amis, Kingsley A good read. I believe Kingsley died last year. I like his son's, Martin, writing better but this is still good. 256 pages 6.0 5/5/96 MSU
Keys To Lolita Keys To Lolita
by: Proffer, Carl R. This wasn't the page by page guide I hoped it would be but it was interesting. Carl covered: Alliteration (rondo, voiced-unvoiced pairs, liquids, nasals, parallelism in doublets); Allusions, Assonance, Clues, Dialog, Double Entendre, Imagery, Lexicon, Metaphors, Names, Neologisms, Puns, Rhymes, Rhythm, Similes, Style, Synathrismus, Syntax, and Transitions. 130 pages 5.0 5/6/96 MSU
Thank You For Smoking Thank You For Smoking
by: Buckley, Christopher Renewed my faith in reading. It was a fun, interesting and exciting look at the world of the tobacco lobby. I like the Mod Squard (Merchants of Death) 272 pages 7.0 7/6/96 FPL
Silicon Snake Oil Silicon Snake Oil
Second Thoughts On The Information Highway
by: Stoll, Clifford Very interesting question. Cliff seems even less enamored with computers (and the internet in particular) than I. "Computer programs feed us someone else's logic, instead of encouraging us to develop our own." "I'm damned worried that these students spend most of their time learning tools, rather than concepts. 235 pages 6.5 7/9/96 FPL
Wet Work Wet Work
by: Buckley, Christopher Another fun read, but it got kind of hard to follow near the end. 274 pages 5.0 7/10/96 FPL
Suspended Sentence, The Suspended Sentence, The
A Guide For Writers
by: Born, Roscoe C. Interesting, and not very hard to read. I don't retain much from these grammar books, yet I figure if I remember one or two things I'll slowly get better. This time is was: That vs Which. That- makes for a dependant clause. Which, -makes for an independant clause. I also learned how to use Whom vs Who by rearranging the sentence and using He vs Him to make the distinction. 210 pages 5.0 7/22/96 FPL
Scale Model Detailing Scale Model Detailing
by: Spohn, Terry (editor) I have no intention of building another plastic model, but when I saw this book at the FPL, I thought it would be interesting. Some of the techniques I already used. It's interesting to see how far some of these guys go to detail their models: buying other kits for parts, casting their own parts, building from scratch, buying detailing kits and tools. I thought Bob would give it more than a flip through- maybe he's out grown the plastic model too? 103 pages 5.0 7/26/96 FPL
Killer Spy Killer Spy
by: Maas, Peter The inside story of the FBI's pursuit and capture of Aldrich Ames, America's deadliest spy. Interesting story of a man pussy whipped into betraying his country. 243 pages 6.2 7/29/96 FPL
Manhunt Manhunt
The Incredible Pursuit Of A CIA Agent Turned Terrorist
by: Maas, Peter This wasn't as good as the last Maas book I read but it was still interesting. 294 pages 4.5 8/8/96 FPL
Maximum Bob Maximum Bob
by: Leonard, Elmore Entertaining but crime fiction isn't my bag. 295 pages 5.0 8/13/96 FPL
Hunters And Shooters Hunters And Shooters
An Oral History Of The U.S. Navy Seals In Vietnam
by: Fawcett, Bill Many interesting stories: mostly about training and 'Hell Week.' The stories in Vietnam weren't all that interesting- maybe they were classified. One could see we should have fought the entire war with Seal like techniques. 335 pages 5.2 8/25/96 FPL
Executive Orders Executive Orders
by: Clancy, Tom It started out slow, but the writting is easy to read so the first half only took a week to read. The last half went in two days as Clancy started the action. Sort of anti-climatic after "Debt of Honor" but it was still excellent. 874 pages 6.7 9/4/96 Suzanne
Servant Of The Bones Servant Of The Bones
by: Rice, Anne It wasn't all that well written, it was slow particularly in the begining. It got better but the ending wasn't satisfing. The spirit charactor seems stupid. 387 pages 4.0 9/12/96 Suzanne
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh
Translated From The Sîn-Leqi-Unninni Version
by: Gardner, John and Maier, John I couldn't think of anything to read when I was at the library except Gilgamesh. The story is lots shorter but hard to read so I counted all the background stuff. The story was interesting but the background is dry. 304 pages 3.3 9/30/96 FPL
Brightness Falls Brightness Falls
by: McInerney, Jay A good read, an interesting tale of a hostile takeover in NYC 1988 and the personal parallels. I couldn't find anything else at the FPL. 416 pages 6.5 10/14/96 FPL
Road Ahead, The Road Ahead, The
by: Gates, Bill Parts of it were interesting and insightful, but other parts I could his grading voice talked about boring aspects of his life. 276 pages 6.0 10/31/96 FPL
Bright Messengers Bright Messengers
by: Lee, Gentry After the four Rama book, of which Gentry did 2 (I believe), Gentry has decided to do some on his own. Less hard science, less hard science fiction, yet the charactors are better formed. The plot had more to do with science vs religion or logic vs faith. 354 pages 5.9 11/9/96 FPL
Fighter Wing Fighter Wing
by: Clancy, Tom This makes a great reference book. The story at the end wasn't very good, nor were the Green Flag chapters but the detail about the planes, pilot and weapon systems was interesting. 302 pages 7.2 11/30/96 FPL
Undaunted Courage Undaunted Courage
by: Ambrose, Stephen E. I've read many Ambrose books and enjoyed them, I enjoyed this one. I saw him interviewed long ago on this book. I put my name on a waiting list 7/9/96 and wait I did. I got it 11/27/96- then I was busy and worried I wouldn't finish it, but it read like a fine adventure story. 474 pages 6.5 12/11/96 FPL
Demon-Haunted World Demon-Haunted World
by: Sagan, Carl Carl Sagan died while I was reading this book and it affected me greatly. Even though I don't agree with all his view points I do agree there is too much superstition and bad science out there. He's a great guy and while be sorely missed. 437 pages 5.5 12/30/96 MSU
Pete Townshend Presents Tommy Then & Now Pete Townshend Presents Tommy Then & Now
by: O'Guinn, Kelly The CD-Rom wasn't that interesting. I would have laid it out different and tried to get more information in it. This book is actually pretty good, it contains all the same infomation but without the A/V (who needs it.) 71 pages 6.0 12/31/96 Craig
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