1995 Reading Record Comments
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Page Count Grade 0-9 Date I finished Source (FPL: Fargo Public Library)
Here On Gilligan's Isle Here On Gilligan's Isle
The Professor's Behind-The-Scenes Guide to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gilligan's Island
by: Johnson, Russell and Cox, Steve Rush didn't write a book last year, so this years starts with, "The Professor's behind the scennes guide to Everything you wanted to Know about Gilligan's Island, including a complette episode guide- and more." A fun book to read. 234 pages 6.0 1/4/95 Craig
Taltos Taltos
by: Rice, Anne A fun read. I like to read the language. It started off great, then resolved the problems in the middle. I wondered were it was going, it was setting up the sequel! 467 pages 5.0 1/13/95 Suzanne
First Directorate First Directorate
My 32years In Intelligence And Espionage Against The West, The
by: Kalugin, Oleg A first hand account of the KGB from 1960-1994. Running spies and the corruption of the Soviet empire. I wonder as I read his book if he isn't blowing his own horn. But it was interesting. 364 pages 5.0 1/26/95 FPL
Vanity Of Duluoz Vanity Of Duluoz
An Adventurous Education, 1935-46
by: Kerouac, Jack It seems like I've read this book. I either forgot to record it, or I've read so many of Jack's book and so many biographys that it seemed familar. It may be the overlap from "Lonesome Traveler". This tells the tales from Jack's life of football and his war years. 280 pages 5.0 2/4/95 MSU
What The IRS Doesn't Want You Know What The IRS Doesn't Want You Know
by: Kaplan, Martin and Weiss, Naomi Chapter 7&8 were important to effective concepts. I read/ scanned the entire book in one setting then couldn't sleep. At first I thought dad had it covered better than I thought but then I realized he doesn't. We look bad, our only saving grace will be the lack of money they could collect. 246 pages 4.0 2/7/95 Dad
Nebula Awards 28 Nebula Awards 28
by: Morrow, James Interesting collection of science fiction, reminded me of reading Isaac Asimov's science fiction magazine. 328 pages 6.0 2/9/95 FPL
Collected Short Stories Vol 2 Collected Short Stories Vol 2
by: Maugham, W. Somerset I read the first volume back in March of 1990, I see volume 3 is the Ashenden spy stories so I only have volume 4 to read. The stories are interesting, short and well written, what more could one want? (from Schiller, "Mit der Dummheit kämpfen die Götter selbst vergebens" = Against stupidity the gods themselves battle in vain. To Read: Christmas Holiday, Liza of Lambeth, The Magician, The Merry-Go-Round, Mrs Craddock, The Narrow Corner, The Painted Veil, Up At The Villa 441 pages 7.0 2/21/95 MSU
Mac, Word & Excel Mac, Word & Excel
Desktop Companion
by: Lichty, Tom Interesting look at those Microsoft programs, I even learned a thing or two about Excel and can see why Word is so popular. 229 pages 4.0 3/24/95 FPL
Spy Who Came In From The Cold, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, The
by: Le Carré, John In order for this to be as good as the reviews saidthe book had to be one of the first spy novels. It wasn't bad, but the pacing was very fast and the ending was stupid Hemingway shoot the hero. The main plot was too twisted to be realistic. 256 pages 3.0 3/30/95 FPL
Skunk Works Skunk Works
by: Rich, Ben R. and Janos, Leo It was so interesting I read the whole book in one day, one sitting actually. The story behind Lockheed's U-2, SR-71 and F-117A from the successor to 'Kelly' Johnson's Skunk Works. 350 pages 8.0 4/9/95 FPL
Green Mars Green Mars
by: Robinson, Kim Stanley I remember Red Mars as good read, I found out it wasn't. Green Mars, even less so. It moved slowly with too many side tracks and too many PC comments. 535 pages 3.0 4/12/95 FPL
Night Manager, The Night Manager, The
by: Le Carré, John Much better than the last book, it held my interest and was easy to read. 429 pages 6.0 4/26/95 FPL
Eye Of The Storm Eye Of The Storm
by: Higgins, Jack Better than Le Carré books, easier to read too. Exciting and not too stupid. 320 pages 6.0 5/4/95 FPL
Furious Gulf Furious Gulf
by: Benford, Gregory The writing was good the story was fair, but then it ended seemingly at a random spot. Not very satisfying for a Benford book. 290 pages 4.0 5/17/95 FPL
Memoir, A Memoir, A
by: Asimov, Issac Interesting: he used topics, too much death. An easy read. 552 pages 5.0 6/1/95 FPL
Season In Hell, A Season In Hell, A
by: Higgins, Jack A standard thriller with the twist in the end. An easy read. 334 pages 5.0 6/4/95 FPL
Death Of Common Sense, The Death Of Common Sense, The
How Law Is Suffocating America
by: Howard, Phillip K. Suzanne recommended this book. I can see how a democrat should latch on to this book- it would allow government to play an active role. What Howard suggests is rewriting laws to limits the expansion of so-called rights. To write the stated goal of the law and let the people in government do what it wants with a free hand. Doing this adds responcibility: there would be someone to blame if it goes wrong. I question if the system is geared the wrong way, so no matter how we reorganize government it will drift back. I still think our best bet is to strip the federal government down to it's constitutional core. Let the states be the test labs. 187 pages 7.0 6/7/95 FPL
Pale Blue Dot Pale Blue Dot
A Vision Of The Human Future In Space
by: Sagan, Carl The photographs and illustrations where great. Carls writing was labored. He tends to repeat himself and he isn't as clear as he use to be. His liberal tendency are brought out and they suck. 405 pages 5.0 6/20/95 FPL
Rainmaker, The Rainmaker, The
by: Grisham, John A very enjoyable read. I read it in three sittings. I picked it up from Victor Friday afternoon and returned it Sunday afternoon. On par with "The Client" even the ending wasn't too bad. 434 pages 7.0 6/25/95 FPL
Thunder Point Thunder Point
by: Higgins, Jack Very entertaining, he used the IRA bad guy in one book as the flawed hero in this book. 320 pages 6.7 7/10/95 FPL
Foundation's Edge Foundation's Edge
by: Asimov, Issac I've never liked the Foundation series. Compared to the Robot novels, the Foundation novels are dry and slow. This one was very slow and very dry. It did pick up near the end. When I started it I though I might have read it, it seemed familar- I must have been remembering the first three or it was so boring I don't recall it at all. I intend to read all the Asimov SF novels published in the 80s. 367 pages 5.0 7/28/95 FPL
Eagle Has Landed, The Eagle Has Landed, The
by: Higgins, Jack I enjoyed reading this spy thriller. I want to see the movie again, I think Jenny Agutter is in it. 399 pages 7.0 8/3/95 FPL
Horses Neck Horses Neck
by: Townshend, Pete It seemed like he was struggling for a voice and not finding it. Something I can relate to. 134 pages 4.0 8/5/95 Craig
Eagle Has Flown, The Eagle Has Flown, The
by: Higgins, Jack Interesting and fun to read. 335 pages 5.0 8/7/95 FPL
Debt Of Honor Debt Of Honor
by: Clancy, Tom I loved this book, it was so exciting, even the set up was exciting and the ending didn't let you down. I started Tuesday evening and finished Friday afternoon. I was hard to put it down at night. 990 pages 9.0 8/11/95 Suzanne
Before I Get Old Before I Get Old
The Story Of The WHO
by: Marsh, Dave I read this ten years ago and it made a big impression on me. I was going to check it out again but someone had stole it out of the FPL. I tried ordering from "Last Gasp" but they didn't have it. A few weeks ago as a goof I ordered from this cute blonde at Media Play. I was surprised when they said it was in. I was going to complain about the price. Funny, it was cheaper than I was going to say it should be, then they said they were having a sale. I got the book for less than ten dollars. I started reading from 'Lifehouse', then finished in the car on the way from Sleepy Eye. Dave was more critical than I remember, begining the group down to earth. The writing got a little flakey sometimes, but overall it's a good book. 522 pages 7.0 8/20/95 Craig
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
USAF Worldwide Gunnery Meet
by: Sheehan, John W. I bought this book for three dollars. Gunsmoke is the tactical fighter wing answer to William Tell. The photographs and the text were interesting. 128 pages 4.0 8/22/95 Craig
Hal Blaine And The Wrecking Crew Hal Blaine And The Wrecking Crew
by: Blaine, Hal and Goggin, David I woke to the rain singing "Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head" which reminded me of other songs around that time, in turn reminded me of Hal Blaine's drumming and so that afternoon I picked up this book. I remembered seeing it at the FPL. I read it in one sitting. It didn't cover the bands or techniques I wanted but it was an easy read. 135 pages 3.0 8/25/95 FPL
Last Train To Memphis Last Train To Memphis
by: Guralnick, Peter This is book one of two, it takes Elvis' life upto his tour in Germany. I deals mainly with his carear. Some studio info, mostly personal accounts. It's not as good as it could be. By the end of the book, you can see where his career is going wrong. Col. Parker did a good job getting him to this level, but then held him back when he could have gone up the ladder a few rungs more. 488 pages 6.0 9/4/95 FPL
Orion Among The Stars Orion Among The Stars
An Epic Of Interstellar War And Human Survival
by: Bova, Ben I finished this at 1:00 am.THIS morning. I was pulp but fun pulp. The joy of the 3 R Science fiction. 320 pages 7.0 9/7/95 FPL
Beatles Recording Sessions, The Beatles Recording Sessions, The
by: Lewisohn, Mark The official Abbey Road Studio session notes. I was good, but I wish they had gone into a little more details, the creative end in particular. He should have talked more with McCartney, Martin or maybe an outside musicologist. The large format made it a long read even with all the photographs. 204 pages 4.0 9/7/95 Craig
Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live
The First Twenty Years
by: Cader, Michael (editor) A fun book to read and look at. It took me all day to read it, and I had the best of the 86-87 season waiting at 10:30 when I finished. 264 pages 7.0 9/9/95 Craig
Roger's Version Roger's Version
by: Updike, John I expected more, for god to show up on the computer screen. All I got was a tale of depravity and deception. At least Updike can write well. 329 pages 3.0 9/19/95 FPL
Have Mercy Have Mercy
Confessions Of The Original Rock'n'Roll Animal
by: Wolfman Jack and Laursen, Byron An interesting biography, I read it in one sitting. The writing style was very good, but it was a conversational style and easy to read. The timing was odd, the book was released and shortly he died of a heart attack. 362 pages 5.0 9/20/95 FPL
Our Game Our Game
by: Le Carré, John Reminds me of the unhappy endings which Hemingway favored. The main charactor goes back and forth in time to solve the mystery. He becomes the man he chases. 302 pages 5.0 9/30/95 FPL
Gold Gold
The Final Science Fiction Collection
by: Asimov, Issac Seems put together in a hurry. It was easy to read but not all that interesting. Section 3 on writing was interesting. 342 pages 3.0 10/12/95 FPL
History Of Christianity History Of Christianity
by: Johnson, Paul This book took me forever to read. It wasn't just the small print. It's hard to get into Johnson's reading for some reason. He writes well enough, he handles the subject matter in an interesting way and his ideas are good, yet somehow it's like swimming across a current. First I read the beginning, then the end and finally the middle. I had to check it out a number times and renew a number of times. I'm sure I was the only one to check it out. Here are the due date stickers on the back: 10/15/95, 7/24/95, 3/13/95, 2/11/95, 1/28/95 - it even seems to me I was reading last year. 517 pages 5.5 10/25/95 FPL
Age And Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, And A Bad Haircut Age And Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, And A Bad Haircut
25 Years Of P.J. O'Rourke
by: O'Rourke, P.J. I gave this to Suzanne for her birthday. It arrived from the book club two weeks late. I'm the first to read it. It interest me more than the other books because it isn't a collection from Rolling Stone like the other books. It starts off with writing so bad even PJ stops it. The next part is dirty but interesting. The Third part is the most interesting: sort of the Automobile writing. Finally more Rolling Stone stuff, it slows down the book. 341 pages 5.0 10/28/95 Suzanne
Memnoch The Devil Memnoch The Devil
by: Rice, Anne As a book it was good, easy to read and interesting. As an Ann Rice book it was a let down. I really think she bit off more than she could chew. More than anyone could put in their mouth. The plot was hard to believe- she's getting like James Bond, every book gets more unbelievable. (although the "Body Snatcher" wasn't too bad. The worst thing was it ended with any explanation other that… too be continued. drat. 354 pages 5.2 10/30/95 Suzanne
Heavenly Breakfast Heavenly Breakfast
by: Delany, Samuel R. I first thought about re-reading this book as I was transcribing my 1982 journal- I started with the trip to San Francisco, did rest of 1982, then 1983 and even read two novels from Suzanne. The time was right, it takes place Nov-March, but it's a simple one day read. Psuedo hippy novel. 127 pages 5.6 11/1/95 Craig
Modern Times Modern Times
by: Johnson, Paul I only had to read the last chapter on this revised edition. It was a general overview of the book. He seemlessly went from one area or topic to the next. I found it much easier to read- he's getting better it seems. 87 pages 7.0 11/8/95 Suzanne
Six Great Sherlock Holmes Stories Six Great Sherlock Holmes Stories
by: Doyle, Arthur Conan Bedtime stories. Vic handed me this collection last Wednesday, I don't know why. 107 pages 4.0 11/28/95 Victor
Klimt Klimt
by: Costantino, Maria Mostly a picture book, but I read the text looking for techiques. I'm excited to use some of Klimt's work as a guide to do some Klimt like pictures of my own. 109 pages 5.0 12/30/95 FPL
Bootleg Bootleg
The Secret History Of The Other Recording Industry
by: Heylin, Clinton I was thinking about bootlegs, then I ran across this book. I read it in one day all the while taking notes. I learned some interesting facts. Not all board recordings are the best quality, the new audience recordings are good, some studio bootlegs are better than the legitimate releases. 413 pages 5.2 12/30/95 FPL
Birth Of The Modern, The Birth Of The Modern, The
World Society 1815-1830
by: Johnson, Paul I think this was Paul's best book. Full of little bits of trivia. The limited dates focused the scope of the book. 1000 pages 6.5 12/30/95 Suzanne
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