1994 Reading Record Comments
  I didn't read much this year. I must have been busy. If you want more information about a book, click the title or the book image for links to Amazon.
Page Count Grade 0-9 Date I finished Source (FPL: Fargo Public Library)
See I Told You So See I Told You So
by: Limbaugh, Rush Another great book from Rush, not as good as his first somewhat of a rehash. Also I'm not surprised at how well he writes. 353 pages 5.0 1/5/94 Craig
Hammer Of The Gods, The Hammer Of The Gods, The
by: Clarke, Arthur C. A fun read about an asteroid called Kali that would hit and destory the Earth and the spacemen how save us. 226 pages 6.0 1/9/94 FPL
Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty, The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty, The
by: Rice, Anne Ann writing as A.N. Roquelaure must have a spanking fetish for that is the main theme of the book. Interesting reading but at the least she could develop some sub plots and delve into other fetishes. 253 pages 4.0 1/13/94 Suzanne
Tommy, The Musical Tommy, The Musical
by: Townshend, Pete and McAnuff, Des A very intersting look at Tommy and musicals in general. It was much better than I thought it would be, but then it was much more money than I thought it would be. I wouldn't asked for it if I knew it was $40.00. The bonus CD single "I Believe My Own Eyes" by Pete was uninteresting. 173 pages 6.0 2/10/94 Craig
Lasher Lasher
Lives Of The Mayfair Witches
by: Rice, Anne Sequel to the Witching Hour. A Fun read edge of the seat page turner. 578 pages 7.0 2/18/94 Suzanne
Ruling Class Ruling Class
Inside The Imperial Congress, The
by: Felton, Eric I got this in the mail from the Heritage foundation. Free! Interresting how Congress can say one thing and do the other and new take responciblity for anything. 93 pages 5.0 3/5/94 Craig
Beauty's Punishment Beauty's Punishment
by: Rice, Anne Same as the last book. A quick read because it was monotunous 233 pages 4.0 3/10/94 Suzanne
Lectures On Russian Literature Lectures On Russian Literature
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimir's thoughts are always interesting, but I've lost my interest in old books. 324 pages 5.0 4/10/94 MSU
First Air First Air
A Novel Of Air Combat In The Persian Gulf
by: Skinner, Michael An intersting fictional war between the US and USSR over Iran faught between proxies. 399 pages 5.0 4/14/94 FPL
Downing Street Years, The Downing Street Years, The
by: Thatcher, Margaret Intersting look at the Thatcher years. A handbook to running a country. Some parts were dry, but on the whole very interesting. 862 pages 7.0 5/11/94 FPL
Bridge Of Lost Desire, The Bridge Of Lost Desire, The
by: Delany, Samuel R. Volume four in Delany's Nevčr˙on series, odd that it is 1. in reverse order so I read the stories in the volume in reverse order. 2. the first/last story is in another volume. It was getting old: Neveryóna, but Delany is still something of a joy to read. The homosexual aspect is interesting. 309 pages 5.0 5/23/94 Craig
Ada or Ardor Ada or Ardor
A Family Chronicle
by: Nabokov, Vladimir It was just as interesting the second time around. My intellectual than erotic. At first I was making a list of the words I didn't know and looking them up as I went along. This was slow slow going. I stopped a page 80. I underlined the word and numbered it. Later I entered it into the computer. The hard part is going to be looking them up. Should I buy a CD Dictionary to do it? I ended up leaving the french: there's too much of it. One could also make a proper name list with the Terra equivalants, play on words etc. 589 pages 8.0 6/25/94 Suzanne
Chamber, The Chamber, The
by: Grisham, John Not the action adventure book of the past but a simple drama. It did seem weak in the plot, but the writing flowed easily. 869 pages 5.0 7/7/94 FPL
Degree Of Guilt Degree Of Guilt
by: Patterson, Richard North Another lawyer book: do they all think they can write. It was pretty good but somewhat wordy in places. I was boored, the FPL has had any good books so I got one from my sister. 534 pages 5.0 7/18/94 Suzanne
Without Remorse Without Remorse
by: Clancy, Tom Another great Clancy book, the hero crosses the line between law and vigilanteism and never looks back. An exciting book that makes you think. 639 pages 7.0 8/5/94 FPL
Simply DOS Simply DOS
by: Jamsa, Kris Nothing simple about DOS and nothing interesting either. 203 pages 2.0 8/9/94 FPL
Strike Of The Cobra Strike Of The Cobra
by: Rizzi, Timothy Another spy/war thriller. My idea of good pulp fiction. 430 pages 5.0 8/17/94 FPL
Louie Louie Louie Louie
by: Marsh, Dave duh duh duh. duh duh 238 pages 3.0 8/19/94 FPL
Moon Shot Moon Shot
The Inside Story of America's Race to the Moon
by: Shepard, Alan and Slayton, Deke Very interesting book. A look at the space program from inside. The best space program book I've ever read! 365 pages 7.0 8/26/94 FPL
Submarine Submarine
A Guided Tour Inside A Nuclear Submarine
by: Clancy, Tom Interesting look at Submarines. The stories and senarios are clever too. A sell job for the navy. They couldn't have done better themselves. 302 pages 3.0 9/6/94 FPL
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin
The Definitive Bography
by: Yorke, Richie I checked this book out so I could scan in the list of Led Zeppelin bootlegs. I openned it to the chapter on 'Presences'. Interested I read to the end, flipped it over to start at the beginning. The subject was interesting but the writing was bad. I also read 'Write Tight' concurently. I can see this is the problem here. His sloppy style slows down the story. Good friends with the band explains his access and the few bad words he has to say. 342 pages 4.0 9/8/94 FPL
Write Tight Write Tight
by: Brohaugh, William There were a number of interesting concepts. Short of reviewing this book everytime I write something, I can only hope These concepts spring to mind while I'm proofing. I wish it had a master outline which I could scan into the computer. I may look at grammar checkers, William didn't think they'd be too bad. 190 pages 3.0 9/10/94 FPL
Quick And The Dead, The Quick And The Dead, The
by: L'Amour, Louis I asked Victor to give me the best Western he had. It was an easy read but the plot was too simple and the characters were one dimensional. 154 pages 2.0 9/12/94 Victor
Star Trek Memories Star Trek Memories
by: Shatner, William The subject matter was interesting but Shatner's writing was poor. An easy read with some cool photographs. 306 pages 3.0 9/13/94 FPL
Happy Days Were Here Again Happy Days Were Here Again
Reflections Of A Libertairian Journalist
by: Buckley Jr., William F. All most all the columns were great. Some rambled on about no one ar nothing. Where was the editor? 463 pages 6.0 9/17/94 FPL
Galactic Dreams Galactic Dreams
by: Harrison, Harry A little Science fiction for a change. It took me awhile to get into it. A nice collection of short stories. 222 pages 5.0 9/24/94 FPL
Triumph Triumph
by: Bova, Ben An alternate Earth where Stalin is plutonium poisoned by Churchill and Roosevelt gives up smoking and lives. The race to Berlin featuring Patton. 253 pages 6.0 9/27/94 FPL
Diplomacy Diplomacy
by: Kissinger, Henry As "Modern Times" is to Economic History this is to Diplomacy and History. I read up to WWI, then skipped to Vietnam and the end of the book. Took up the book later to read the middle. It's a slow read but it is interesting. When I mentioned the book to Judy Maas, she didn't think much about Kissinger. 835 pages 7.0 10/24/94 Suzanne
Hollywood Rock Hollywood Rock
by: Crenshaw, Marshall Eclectic guide to some weird movies. It almost makes me want to see those beach movies again. 324 pages 3.0 11/5/94 FPL
Empire Buiders Empire Buiders
by: Bova, Ben The sequel to "Privateers". A fun story about the government going wild. I think the greenhouse cliff was only for the plot. 383 pages 6.0 11/7/94 FPL
Company, The Company, The
by: Ehrlichman, John Something of a slow read. All the fictional charactors were real White house people of his era, it wasn't hard to figure out. The story wasn't very edge of seat either. 313 pages 3.0 11/15/94 FPL
D-Day June 6, 1944 The Climactic Battle Of World War II D-Day June 6, 1944 The Climactic Battle Of World War II
by: Ambrose, Stephen E. Exciting Stephen puts you right on the beach with the eyewitness accounts. Not too long only a little short. The writing was smooth. 583 pages 7.0 11/29/94 FPL
Rama Revealed Rama Revealed
The Ultimate Encounter
by: Clarke, Arthur C. and Lee, Gentry The long awaited conclusion? Where's the ending? It read like it was assembled. I'm unsatisfied, the other three books were much better. 466 pages 5.0 12/15/94 FPL
Four Past Midnight Four Past Midnight
by: King, Stephen I wanted to read a little King. Suzanne loaned me this book of four novelettes. A couple were ok but horror doesn't do much for me. 676 pages 3.0 12/19/94 Suzanne
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