1993 Reading Record Comments
  Leading off with Rush Limbaugh you can see a definate rightward slant to my reading this year. If you want more information about the book, click the title or the book image for links to Amazon.
Page Count Grade 0-9 Date I finished Source (FPL: Fargo Public Library, MSU: Minnesota State University Moorhead Library)
Way Things Ought To Be, The Way Things Ought To Be, The
by: Limbaugh, Rush A pretty good book for a non writer. The true truth of it hits you after you read it. He makes few logical mistakes, I question his belief in God as an answer simular to Government at war with the individual. 304 pages 7.0 1/3/93 Craig
Fear And Loathing, The Strange And Terrible Saga Of Hunter S. Thompson Fear And Loathing, The Strange And Terrible Saga Of Hunter S. Thompson
by: Perry, Paul A rehash of a lot of Hunter's material. hunter does write about himself. 264 pages 6.0 1/5/93 Craig
Fates Worse Than Death Fates Worse Than Death
by: Vonnegut, Kurt Kurt is getting grumpy and winny in his old age. 239 pages 5.0 1/7/93 FPL
It Doesn't Take a Hero It Doesn't Take a Hero
The Autobiography of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
by: Schwartzkopf, Gen. H. Norman and Petre, Peter I was surprised by how god this book was. Victor brought it over for me. 507 pages 7.0 1/11/93 FPL
Heart of Rock & Soul Heart of Rock & Soul
The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made, The
by: Marsh, Dave 1001 greatest singles ever made. I agreed with Dave Marsh, until I started making a tape off the oldies station some of his picks (after approx 200) are no good, yet some are. On the whole it was an interesting read. I would have picked different songs, but I'm less of a singles guy more of an albums guy. 634 pages 5.0 1/29/93 Craig
Memoirs Of U.S. Grant Memoirs Of U.S. Grant
by: Grant, Ulysses S.Personal Mostly deals with the Civil War, the think he was most successful at; war was that he had no interest in as a career. 590 pages 5.0 2/8/93 MSU
Death In Venice Death In Venice
by: Mann, Thomas this book sucked, I only finished it because it was so short and so famous. 151 pages 2.0 2/12/93 MSU
Eugene Onegin Eugene Onegin
by: Pushkin and Nabokov, Vladimir I didn't read this as closely as I should have. But I did find it beautiful. I'll read it again, maybe another translation. Excuse me Nabakov. 309 pages 7.0 2/14/93 MSU
Trashing The Planet Trashing The Planet
How Science Can Help Us Deal With Acid Rain, Depletion Of The Ozone, And Nuclear Waste (Among Other Things)
by: Ray, Dixy Lee A good overview of what is wrong with the environmental movement; the lack of scientific reasoning. 172 pages 7.0 2/15/93 MSU
Hacker Crackdown, The Hacker Crackdown, The
Law And Disorder On The Electronic Frontier
by: Sterling, Bruce Interesting look at hackers, Cops and Libertarians. 313 pages 6.0 3/8/93 FPL
Poems of Dylan Thomas, The Poems of Dylan Thomas, The
by: Thomas, Dylan It took me 18 months to read it the first time. This time it took me 34 months. See you in 50 months! 281 pages 5.0 3/11/93 Craig
Yellow Silk Erotic Arts And Letters Yellow Silk Erotic Arts And Letters
by: Pond, Lily and Russo, Richard I got this last spring. I've read it off and on, It varies from less than fair to great. More sensual than erotic for the most part. unusual too. 282 pages 5.0 3/13/93 Craig
Client, The Client, The
by: Grisham, John Another great Grisham book, I read it in less than two days without trying. "You advised him not to get a lawyer, giving as one of your reasons the opinion that lawyers are a pain in the ass. Gentlemen, the pain is here." 422 pages 7.0 3/25/93 FPL
Seperations Seperations
by: Hacker, Marilyn I like it when she rhymes, the subject matter is vague, even for the wife of Samuel R. Delany. 109 pages 4.0 3/27/93 MSU
Wasteland and Other Poems Wasteland and Other Poems
by: Eliot, T.S. Maybe I've read too much poetry lately, but Eliot has lost his luster. 88 pages 6.0 3/31/93 MSU
Modern Times Modern Times
by: Johnson, Paul It was a hard read and it was depressing to read, but it seemed to tell the true store of this century. At some point I wouldn't mind buying it for a reference book. 734 pages 9.0 4/1/93 MSU
Gastrointestinal Health Gastrointestinal Health
The Proven Nutritional Program To Prevent, Cure, Or Alleviate Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Ibs), Ulcers, Gas, Constipation, Heartburn, And Many Other Digestive Disorders
by: Peikin, M.D., Steven R. The book gave me a pretty good idea of what I have: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS); no reason to worry Diet to help; Soluble Fiber (oat bran & fruit) Drugs that work; p59 Donnatal (belladonna alkoloids w/ phenobarbitol) or p59 Bentyl (dicyclomine hydrochloride) on hand for sudden cramps or p59 warm compresses to the lower abdomen. p73 Donnagel (antispasmodic & andidiarheal agent) for IBS p84 Phenylethylamine (chocolate, aged cheese and red wine) causes migraine headaches. 287 pages 5.0 4/1/93 MSU
Sherman Sherman
A Memorial In Art, Oratory, And Literature By The Society Of The Army Of Tennessee With The Aid Of The Congress Of The United States Of America
by: Keim, DeB. Randolph A fine bio of Tecumseh Sherman as ordered by the US Congress! It seemed all the other bio's were far too long. 390 pages 5.0 4/5/93 MSU
Eisenhower Eisenhower
The President
by: Ambrose, Stephen E. It shows how hard the Presidency was even in the 50's We like Ike. 678 pages 6.0 4/18/93 MSU
Thay All Laughed… Stories Behind The Great Inventions That Have Changed Our Lives Thay All Laughed… Stories Behind The Great Inventions That Have Changed Our Lives
by: Flatow, Ira Boored I read it in one night, it was interesting and easy to read. 226 pages 6.0 4/23/93 FPL
Collected Poems 1947-1980 Collected Poems 1947-1980
by: Ginsberg, Allen It took me a long time to start this book, but surprisingly not long to read it. (unlike Dylan Thomas) In some places it reads like long strings of nouns, but other poems are weriod and strange. The homo sex poems are easy to read if you change the pronouns. I used "Many Loves" as a model skeleton for my own poem. The highlight was Victor reading outloud "Please Master" 817 pages 5.0 4/26/93 Craig
Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors
A Search For Who We Are
by: Sagan, Carl Even better than Cosmos, an interesting look at Humans from from an evolutionary prespective. Luckily there's going to be a follow-up book. 416 pages 7.0 5/7/93 FPL
White Shroud White Shroud
by: Ginsberg, Allen This is a collection of his recent works. It follows up his collected works for me. It's been 5 years since I last read it. The poor 'Lion for real' is getting old. I wonder were are his poems from 1985 to 1990? 85 pages 5.0 5/16/93 Craig
Possessed, The Possessed, The
by: Dostoyevsky, Fyodor It started off better than I thought, then got very very tedious, finally I read thru to the end t wasn't too bad. But like French Romantic lit. the charactors act according to a social system that I can't understand. and is 100 years out of date. 736 pages 3.0 5/21/93 FPL
Horses Neck Horses Neck
by: Townshend, Pete Strange, more erotic than I remembered. Read it in one sitting. 134 pages 7.0 5/21/93 Craig
Fantastic Voyage II Destination Brain Fantastic Voyage II Destination Brain
by: Asimov, Isaac Isaac did a reasonable job of making it believable. 332 pages 5.0 5/25/93 FPL
Elephant's Nest In A Rhubarb Tree & Other Stories Elephant's Nest In A Rhubarb Tree & Other Stories
by: Bates, H.E. It was a good book, the stories were interesting. A lessor Somerset Maugham. 207 pages 5.0 6/2/93 FPL
Rising Sun Rising Sun
by: Crichton, Michael Great book, read it in two nights. It was a little paranoid about the Japanese but it was an exciting story. 350 pages 7.0 6/3/93 FPL
Purloined Paperweight, The Purloined Paperweight, The
by: Wodehouse, P.G. A cute book. The author referenced in Townshend's Horses neck. 188 pages 5.0 6/7/93 FPL
Operation Shylock, A Confession Operation Shylock, A Confession
by: Roth, Philip parts of it were interesting, but other parts were Roth's standard rattling on. 399 pages 5.0 6/11/93 FPL
Sum Of All Fears, The Sum Of All Fears, The
by: Clancy, Tom Spine tingling, easy read, and impossible to put down 798 pages 8.0 6/19/93 FPL
Your Medical Rights Your Medical Rights
by: Inlander, Charles and Pavalon, Eugene This has more to do with medicine than money, only a page or two gave me any hints and they were of marginal help. 179 pages 3.0 6/19/93 FPL
Cosmic Wormholes Cosmic Wormholes
The Search for Interstellar Shortcuts
by: Halpern, Paul Interesting look at those wonders of science fiction. Stephan Hawkins betting a CIT professor a years subscribtion to Penthouse that Cygnus X-1 isn't a black hole!!?? 191 pages 5.0 6/22/93 FPL
After the War Was Over After the War Was Over
Hanoi And Saigon
by: Sheehan, Neil A short book unlike "A Bright And Shining Lie", but an interesting follow up. 131 pages 6.0 6/23/93 FPL
Probe (Star Trek) Probe (Star Trek)
by: Bonanno, Margaret Wander A light easy read but not that well written nor was the story that good. 345 pages 5.0 6/24/93 FPL
Fever Fever
by: Cook, Robin After Victor bugged me for months to read some Cook, I read this. I found it when the shelving fell down in the basement. 311 pages 5.0 6/25/93 Mom
Goodbye Jumbo; Hello Cruel World Goodbye Jumbo; Hello Cruel World
by: Anderson, Louie I thought it was gonna be funny but it was his sob story. I surprised I bothered to finish it. 242 pages 2.0 6/29/93 FPL
Lost Boys Lost Boys
by: Card, Orson Scott Interesting Thriller that I forgot to write down last year 448 pages 6.0 7/1/93 FPL
Clear And Present Danger Clear And Present Danger
by: Clancy, Tom Another fun read, not as good as sum of all fears, yet interesting in it's own way. 656 pages 6.0 7/1/93 FPL
Tale Of The Body Thief, The Tale Of The Body Thief, The
by: Rice, Anne It got better but it was an unusally slow start for Anne. No dramatic twists or turns. 430 pages 6.0 7/7/93 Suzanne
Dream And The Nightmare, The Dream And The Nightmare, The
by: Magnet, Myron A good book on what went wrong with the liberal dream. Rather depressing to read. 227 pages 7.0 7/11/93 MSU
In Pursuit Of Happiness And Good Government In Pursuit Of Happiness And Good Government
by: Murray, Charles It was a good book but rather hard to get through. If I was writing policy or debating policy this book would be a godsend. 305 pages 5.0 7/25/93 MSU
Shadows On The Sun (Star Trek) Shadows On The Sun (Star Trek)
by: Friedman, Michael Jan A cheap read, I'm almost like one of those who will buy anything with the name Star Trek on it. Lately I've had a craving for the stuff. 340 pages 5.0 7/26/93 FPL
Hunt For Red October, The Hunt For Red October, The
by: Clancy, Tom Another good summer read, not as long or as good as his latest books, but it make me wanna see the movie again. 469 pages 6.0 7/29/93 FPL
Spock's World Spock's World
by: Duane, Diane Again, I'm reading anything that has Star Trek. 310 pages 5.0 8/4/93 FPL
Monkey Handlers, The Monkey Handlers, The
by: Liddy, G. Gordon A good read, Liddy writes in a different voice than one would expect. He does rattle on about certain guns, cameras etc that he does on his radio show. 338 pages 6.0 8/5/93 FPL
Patriot Games Patriot Games
by: Clancy, Tom Another page turner, somewhat different from the movie. It's a shame I started feeling sick when I finished and the book gave me weriod dreams. 540 pages 6.0 8/10/93 FPL
Managing Your Anxiety Managing Your Anxiety
Regaining Control When You Feel Stressed, Helpless, and Alone
by: McCullough, Christopher J. This book helpped me in my Anxiety problem, more so than the $133/hour psychologist. I'm feeling better and have this book to thank. 292 pages 7.0 8/12/93 FPL
Will Will
by: Liddy, G. Gordon This reinforces my belief that Liddy is slightly crazy. 363 pages 6.0 8/18/93 FPL
Out Of Control Out Of Control
by: Liddy, G. Gordon This was a fun book to read. exciting too. 305 pages 7.0 8/21/93 FPL
Red Mars Red Mars
by: Robinson, Kim Stanley It started out slow, it's long and it wasn't exciting so much as interesting. In my current medical state it was perfect, it took my mind off things for a long time without rilling me up. 519 pages 6.0 9/2/93 FPL
Mostly Harmless Mostly Harmless
by: Adams, Douglas Mildly amusing, but Adams seems to have run out of steam with this book. Yeeehaah! Hoo Hoo Hoo! Velooooom! Squawk! I like the sound of that. 277 pages 6.0 9/14/93 FPL
Cranks, Quarks, And The Cosmos Cranks, Quarks, And The Cosmos
by: Bernstein, Jeremy Short pieces that range from very interesting to fair. 205 pages 6.0 9/18/93 FPL
Plague Of The Black Debt, The Plague Of The Black Debt, The
by: Davidson, James Dale An Investment sales pitch for their newsletter. Very depressing, sort of the end of civilization book. 114 pages 2.0 9/23/93 Mail
Money Smarts Money Smarts
by: Boardroom Reports Inc A bonus book that came with the book Inside information. 63 pages 4.0 9/30/93 Mail
Supreme Commander, The Supreme Commander, The
by: Ambrose, Stephen E. The war years of General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Very interesting. One can see how his experiences running the ETO helped him become a great president. I was surprised this book started with the war, not his childhood as the other volume follows him to his death. 668 pages 7.0 10/3/93 FPL
Portable Beat Reader, The Portable Beat Reader, The
by: Charters, Ann This is the Beat generation in a nutshell. I surprised myself by reading all of it. I admit I skimmed the poetry, nothing worse than Beat poetry, althought this one was good: "The Whole mess… Almost" p532 626 pages 5.0 10/7/93 MSU
Imzadi Imzadi
Star Trek The Next Generation
by: David, Peter The Star Trek board on AOL thought this was a great book. Wrong, I'm sure the kids got a blast out of Riker being nude and screwing Deanna in the jungle, but it was a stupid book. It wasn't bad to read I read it in 3 settings in one day. 342 pages 5.0 10/9/93 FPL
Red Storm Rising Red Storm Rising
by: Clancy, Tom Only book of his without Jack Ryan. involves the third world war. Interesting but the ending needs work. 652 pages 6.0 10/15/93 FPL
Spectrum Spectrum
by: Wise, David A thriller to kill some time. It started off dull, but got better near the end. 370 pages 5.0 10/22/93 FPL
Saving The Queen Saving The Queen
by: Buckley Jr., William F. his first work of fiction a spy thriller taking place in the 50's, It was OK. The hero not only saved the queen but screwed her as well. Which coming from Buckley seems rather odd. 248 pages 4.0 10/29/93 FPL
Marshal Zhokov's Greatest Battles Marshal Zhokov's Greatest Battles
by: Zhukoz, Georgi K. from Hilter's Operation Barbarossa tot he Batle of Berlin. The day after I finished reading it all the battles were shown on the Discovery Channel on Russia armor in WWII. 290 pages 3.0 10/30/93 FPL
Delta Of Venus Delta Of Venus
by: Nin, Anaïs Grabbed this book while loking for Ann Rice's book when Suz went to Las Vegas. Some of the stories were interesting "?? and Bijou" in the bois. Read it off and on during the summer. 302 pages 6.0 10/31/93 Suzanne
Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson
A Life
by: Randall, Willard Sterne It was hard to read. In fact it took me five weeks to get through it. I would like to find a book of Jefferson's letters and writtings. This seemed an incomplete portrait of a man above men. 595 pages 5.0 11/29/93 FPL
Garden Of Rama, The Garden Of Rama, The
by: Clarke, Arthur C. and Lee, Gentry A fun book to read and it only took three days! My only objection was the ending: it seemed very PC as if capitolism and democracy suddenly deteriorate to fascism. A few minor chnges and it could be the same story for socialism. The book had no ending. It's tobe continued in Rama revealed. Book 4 518 pages 7.0 12/3/93 FPL
Possession, A Romance Possession, A Romance
by: Byatt, A.S. Fun book to read. The structure was Nabokov's The Gift, but it was basically a romantic novel. The poetry was poor but easy to get thru. All the charactors had the same voice, but that's a minor complaint. On the whole the book started slow built steam and had a good ending for a change. 555 pages 7.0 12/15/93 Suzanne
New English Bible, The New English Bible, The
by: Paul, John, Mark, Matthew, Etc (Dr. CH. Dodd) This version is the newest translation of the Greek books known as the new testament. The translation was better and easier to read than that old old king james version. I was hoping it would help build my faith. It failed, the message was at odds with the authors: it hardly seems the be the message from god. Matthew, Mark, Luke are clones. John the law. Acts… of violence in gods name. Communism Letters on circumcision, church life and marriage Revelations a wild LSD trip. I got down from the attic Asimov's Guide to the Bible: New Testament. I haven't read this in a dozen years? By reading his view on the authorship one gets an understanding of why it reads the way it does. I think one could read: Luke, Acts, John and Romans and get the whole thing. 446 pages 2.0 12/31/93 FPL
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