1992 Reading Record Comments
  Suzanne and I were sharing our reading lists. I was taking more input from my sister. She turned me on to Anne Rice and John Fowles. I talked her into reading Dickens. If you want more information about a book, click the title or the book image for links to Amazon.
Page Count Grade 0-9 Date I finished Source (FPL: Fargo Public Library, MSU: Minnesota State University Moorhead Library)
Interview With The Vampire Interview With The Vampire
by: Rice, Anne After all the build up that my sister gave me it was a little anti-climatic. There is no erotic content only blood lust. The coldness of the book was cool haha. Also she doesn't write that well, especially coming off Nabakov. But in the end the story wins out over the few flaws. 346 pages 6.0 1/7/92 Craig
Vampire Lestat, The Vampire Lestat, The
by: Rice, Anne Rice's writing has improved, of course this book was written in 1986 vs 1976 for "Interview.." The story is better as well 550 pages 7.0 1/11/92 Craig
Queen Of The Damned, The Queen Of The Damned, The
by: Rice, Anne As the series progresses the powers of the Vampires grow as does the "tall tale" aspect. She should have brought it down to Earth. 491 pages 6.0 1/20/92 Craig
Mummy Or Ramses The Damned, The Mummy Or Ramses The Damned, The
by: Rice, Anne Better than the vampires? More sex more mystery 398 pages 7.0 1/27/92 Craig
John Fowles John Fowles
by: Conradi, Peter Some of these criticism books are okay this one's writing was too dense to understand. 101 pages 3.0 2/4/92 MSU
Magus, The Magus, The
by: Fowles, John At some point half way through the book it became obvious that John was content to torture the charactor like Nabakov or Amis would do, but to have a go after me as well. Using the reader's, suspension of disbelief against me! The key is Malvolio (Hamlet?) The writing style was okay; an interesting line: I still couldn't accept that this was not some nightmare, like a freak binding in a book, a Lawernce novel becomes, at the turn of a page, one by Kafka. On Feb 19 I read Part 3 of the first version. I wasn't much different, even the ending was only slighty different with Nicholas trying to make his own Godgame but we still don't know what occurs. He doesn't actually get to sleep with Lily that first time. The other sexual parts seem the same. 656 pages 9.0 2/5/92 MSU
Martin Eden Martin Eden
by: London, Jack Many pronouns, reminds me of Edgar Rice Burrough's style, only Tarzan never took his own life. 411 pages 5.0 2/7/92 MSU
Alchemy Of Finance, The Alchemy Of Finance, The
by: Soros, George Simple Chaos theory, but he doesn't explain it very well and I don't agree with many of his points. I ran out of time and patience. 141 pages 3.0 2/8/92 MSU
Letting Go Letting Go
by: Roth, Philip The charactor trys to help out his friends and family but gets no where. The day I finished it I felt that way about Mom's outburst at the diner table. I was alittle erie read about feelings one is currently experiencing. 630 pages 6.0 2/19/92 MSU
Collector, The Collector, The
by: Fowles, John Two view points; the victom's and the victomizer's. Interesting how she spents all day thinking about GP sort of an old (old guy) flame who was the opposite of the collector. 305 pages 7.0 2/24/92 MSU
Path Where No Man Thought, A Path Where No Man Thought, A
by: Sagan, Carl and Turco, Richard Nuclear Winter and the end of the arms race. Since when has logic had anything to do with politics and the military, but the book does sound a hopeful note along with the horrors of the bomb. 301 pages 6.0 3/2/92 FPL
Encyclopedia MacIntosh Encyclopedia MacIntosh
by: Danloff, Craig and McCelland, Deke More interesting hints on using the Mac. 612 pages 7.0 3/7/92 FPL
Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise And Other Imponderables Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise And Other Imponderables
by: Feldman, David Victor told me to read these Feldman books. The pieces are short and easy to read but only a few items are that interesting: like the shape of various chocolates and their fillings. 239 pages 5.0 3/10/92 MSU
Tender Is The  Night Tender Is The Night
by: Fitzgerald, F. Scott Mortality and the decy of life? Americans in Europe. The writing was great, the story was good, but I had a hard time reading it. 315 pages 6.0 3/10/92 FPL
Ferrari In The Bedroom, The Ferrari In The Bedroom, The
by: Shepherd, Jean Not as funny as the christmas story but parts were namely; The Rosetta Stone of American Culture(Johnson Smith Catolog) and The Indy 500 269 pages 6.0 3/11/92 FPL
Angels An Endangered Species Angels An Endangered Species
by: Godwin, Malcom Some of it was interesting, inlightening and amusing but a lot of it was dull. Even the photographs weren't that interesting. Two,three years ago I would have loved this book but now it seems stupid although the Atlantis/Mu part was fun. Enoch seems like something worth looking into. 253 pages 5.0 3/14/92 FPL
Winning Office Politics Winning Office Politics
by: DuBrin, Andrew Same old story, rewrite standard marketing/management text and use exambles that prove your theory. However the books examples were interesting and funny. It also made me feel good as it turns out I'm a political 'Straight Arrow' and dad looks good in the eyes of the book. 322 pages 5.0 3/17/92 FPL
When Do Fish Sleep When Do Fish Sleep
by: Feldman, David More stupid questions answered 245 pages 5.0 3/18/92 MSU
Time's Arrow Time's Arrow
by: Amis, Martin It's a great idea and Martin goes a long way to pulling it off. The story of a guy living another's life backwards is okay, but then I knew what was gonna happen which spoiled it. It's short and almost doubled spaced; a novella. 168 pages 6.0 3/20/92 FPL
Newsletters From The Desktop Newsletters From The Desktop
Designing Effective Publications With Your Computer
by: Parker, Roger C. Some of the examples were good and most of the information in the book I already know. 252 pages 5.0 3/26/92 FPL
Nabokov's Congeries Nabokov's Congeries
by: Nabokov, Vladimir 536 pages, a collection of various writings, I only read the poems and a few pieces I didn't remember reading until I started them 50 pages 5.0 3/30/92 MSU
Witching Hour, The Witching Hour, The
Lives Of The Mayfair Witches
by: Rice, Anne Slow in spots, but it is by far the best book by Anne Rice. She ends the book with out tieing up the lose-ends ie. she'll write a sequel. 965 pages 7.0 3/30/92 FPL
Last Word On The Gentle Art Of Verbal Self-Defense, The Last Word On The Gentle Art Of Verbal Self-Defense, The
by: Elgin, Suzette Haden This book is full of good advice, but I'm not ready to work that hard at it. However if I ever have a problem with someone I'll know were to look. 225 pages 7.0 4/4/92 MSU
Great American Novel, The Great American Novel, The
by: Roth, Philip I was surprised that this book is a comedy, and a good one at that, even with the subject of old time baseball. 400 pages 8.0 4/10/92 MSU
Nabokov's Dozen Nabokov's Dozen
by: Nabokov, Vladimir A good collection of short stories with few repeats from the other collections; only one I think. 214 pages 6.0 4/14/92 MSU
Ebony Tower, The Ebony Tower, The
by: Fowles, John A short story close to the Magus. I didn't get to finish any of the other stories (274 pages) 105 pages 7.0 4/19/92 MSU
Vanity Of Duluoz Vanity Of Duluoz
An Adventurous Education, 1935-46
by: Kerouac, Jack It fit my mood perfectly. The lone Beat writes about his High School, College and "What I did during the war" days. 280 pages 6.0 5/1/92 MSU
Burden Of Proof, The Burden Of Proof, The
by: Turow, Scott I found this book slightly better than Persumed Innocent which I thought was great. (The made for TV movie isn't anywere near as good as P.I.) The book's ending was disappointing, just killing Dixon is a cheap way out. 515 pages 7.0 5/6/92 MSU
My Life As A Man My Life As A Man
by: Roth, Philip I suddenly stopped reading the book because after a hot start with Sharon(?) and the Zuchinni, Roth drops her for some problem child, it made me mad, besides the fact he had told this story before. (330 odd pages) 47 pages 3.0 5/10/92 MSU
How To Draw And Sell Comic Strips For Newspapers And Comic Books! How To Draw And Sell Comic Strips For Newspapers And Comic Books!
by: McKenzie, Alan Clarified a few points but that was all. I still want to know which is the best ink?! 137 pages 5.0 5/12/92 MSU
Maggie Cassidy Maggie Cassidy
by: Kerouac, Jack Jack's first love and his High School through College/ Maritime days. His dad's plays a large roll in this one. I got the book on the Interlibrary Loan Program from Valley City State University Library. 194 pages 7.0 5/22/92 FPL
Desolation Angels Desolation Angels
by: Kerouac, Jack From on top of Desolation peak to San Francisco to see Neil Cassady, to Mexico to see old Wm Burroughs, to New York to see Allen Ginsberg, to Tangiers & Paris & London to find out he misses the USA, to Florida to get his ma to San Francisco to find out she wants to go back; all before "On the Road" is published. The same time frame as "Lonesome Traveler" I got the book on the Interlibrary Loan Program from Mayville State University Library. 366 pages 7.0 6/1/92 FPL
Robot Vision Robot Vision
by: Asimov, Issac Now that Asimov is dead, I was surprised at how poorly his work aged. The robot ideas are used in stupid ways and the money is laughable. (He must not have taken inflation into account!) I can't see how Robots would allow more leasure time - more unemployment and more hussling to make a buck seem more likely. 482 pages 5.0 6/10/92 FPL
Magazine In America 1741-1990, The Magazine In America 1741-1990, The
by: Tebbel, John of the 382 pages, I only read from World War II, namely to get an idea of what magazines are out there. Unfortunately there were too many to do me any good. Interesting storys. 155 pages 5.0 6/23/92 FPL
Tristessa Tristessa
by: Kerouac, Jack The prose was beautiful. The book came all the way from an Iowa college thru the interlibrary loan program. 97 pages 7.0 6/28/92 FPL
Great Expectations Great Expectations
by: Dickens, Charles Dickens is getting to be hard to take. Those old Victoria social mores in particular. Too many coincedences. 454 pages 5.0 6/30/92 FPL
Visions Of Gerard Visions Of Gerard
by: Kerouac, Jack Jack's little brother the saint. A sad tender tale. This book came from the University of San Diego thru the interlibrary loan program. 130 pages 6.0 7/5/92 FPL
Search For God At Harvard, The Search For God At Harvard, The
by: Goldman, Ari L. A pretty good overview of religion as taught at Harvard. A short bio of the author's Jewish experience in America. 283 pages 5.0 7/8/92 FPL
Edge City Edge City
Life On The New Frontier
by: Garreau, Joel Interesting book on real state and the new social order. The 'Laws' were great. 471 pages 7.0 7/18/92 FPL
Expansion Trap, The Expansion Trap, The
How To Make Your Business Grow Safely & Profitably
by: Thomsett, Michael C. It was all common sense stuff, nothing very illuminating and the writing was 'Matter-of-fact'. I did think that looking toward your smaller competitor rather than your large competitors for innovation was a good idea. 188 pages 2.0 7/20/92 FPL
Mexico City Blues (242 Choruses) Mexico City Blues (242 Choruses)
by: Kerouac, Jack At first I wasn't that impressed, but then I read a few outloud and they took on new life. I read over half of them outloud, whenever the house was empty, even taped a few for Victor. Playing the Kerouac tape I found I was reading them too fast. 244 pages 7.0 7/23/92 FPL
Soul Of A New Machine, The Soul Of A New Machine, The
by: Kidder, Tracy The story of some young engineers in the basement of Data General building the new Eagle computer under tight deadlines and little management. Reads like a thriller. 293 pages 6.0 8/11/92 FPL
Quantum Profiles Quantum Profiles
by: Bernstein, Jeremy A glimps at the name physicist of quantum mechanics but not much of an explaination. 165 pages 5.0 8/23/92 FPL
Seize The Moment Seize The Moment
by: Nixon, Richard M. A great overview of the world, up to date too. A disappointing look at the US economy and no mention of the mash he make of the economy during his administration. 309 pages 6.0 8/23/92 FPL
Ross Perot In His Own Words Ross Perot In His Own Words
by: Chiu, Tony A book of Ross quotes, but it was still interesting. 189 pages 5.0 8/26/92 FPL
Accidental Empires Accidental Empires
by: Cringely, Robert X. Sub titled "How the boys of Silicon Valley make their millions, battle foreign competition, and still can't get a date." I maybe should give it an A- The book is pretty funny and quite informative. 316 pages 7.0 8/27/92 FPL
Waynes World Waynes World
Extreme Close Up
by: Myers, Mike and Ruzan, Robin Funny, picture book 96 pages 6.0 9/8/92 FPL
Parliament Of Whores Parliament Of Whores
by: O'Rourke, P. J. I read it in one sitting, whereas Suz had it for the full two weeks. I had it reserved right after her. It was funny but having read most of it in Rolling Stone it didn't have quite the tooth it did the first time. 233 pages 7.0 9/8/92 FPL
Niels Bohr's Times Niels Bohr's Times
In Physics, Philosophy, and Polity
by: Pais, Abraham I only read the intro. That was as boring as a term paper so I did feel like reading any further. Besides I've read another Niels bio before. (546 pages) 29 pages 3.0 9/10/92 FPL
Unabridged Mark Twain, The Unabridged Mark Twain, The
by: Twain, Mark I orginially borrowed this tomb from Bob in order to read Connecticut Yankee, but then I got carried away and started readin in a random manor. So I had most of it read so I decided to finish the job. I ranged from roaringly funny to dry in spots. The order of storys I read are: 1. Connecticut Yankee in King Aurthur's Court 2. Innocents Abroad (part 1&2) 3. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 4. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 5. The Prince and the Pauper 1289 pages 7.0 9/12/92 Bob
Iowa's Road Kill Cookbook Iowa's Road Kill Cookbook
by: Carlson, Bruce I got this from Vic, It was stupid. Why couldn't they think of anything funny? 95 pages 1.0 9/29/92 Vic
Vladimir Nabokov; The American Years Vladimir Nabokov; The American Years
by: Boyd, Brian A great biography with insights into the books. " My job! I replied: "Ask me what I can do, not what I do, lovely girl, lovely wake of the sun through semitransparent black fabric… I can compose patches of poetry as strange and new as you are, or as anything a person may write three hundred years hence, but I have never published one scrap of verse except some juvenile nonsense at college I can levitate one inch high and keep it up for ten seconds, but cannot climb an apple tree… I have fallen in love with you but shall do nothing about it. In short I am an all-around genius." TRANSPARENT THINGS 669 pages 7.0 10/1/92 FPL
Blue Angel Blue Angel
The Life Of Marlene Dietrich
by: Spoto, Donald I didn't realize that she slept around so freely. She was a prisoner of her own creation. A young sex godess, she was in her 30's at the time, which is hard to believe. 302 pages 5.0 10/2/92 FPL
Desert Victory The War For Kuwait Desert Victory The War For Kuwait
by: Friedman, Norman A great overview of the war and various weapon systems, although it is lightly biased to the navy. Not surprising as it's published by the Naval Institute Press. 424 pages 7.0 10/9/92 FPL
Firm, The Firm, The
by: Grisham, John Great story. The Large Print was a little hard to read! haha. I even guessed the ending right. Unusual for me. hee hee. I got this from Victor who had it on reserve. 581 pages 7.0 10/12/92 FPL
Give War A Chance Give War A Chance
by: O'Rourke, P. J. Same stuff in Rolling Stone, with a few new piece. Great intro on Liberals haha 233 pages 6.0 10/15/92 FPL
Age Of Missing Information Age Of Missing Information
by: McKibben, Bill After waiting all summer for this book, it was a terrible let down. Bill believes we should all have basic general information on everything like growing our own food. If we did, we'd never have time for anything else! 252 pages 2.0 10/17/92 FPL
Details Of A Sunset Details Of A Sunset
by: Nabokov, Vladimir This last collection od short stories came from NDSSS, they seem to have a lot of Nabokov for a tech school. 179 pages 6.0 10/23/92 FPL
Sombrero Fallout Sombrero Fallout
by: Brautigan, Richard Compared to his other novels it wasn't that good. He cried over the breakup with his Japanese girlfriend through most of the Sombrero story. This book came from UND. 187 pages 5.0 10/27/92 FPL
Time To Kill, A Time To Kill, A
by: Grisham, John Great first novel. I read it in four days. I finished it between 12:30 and 2:00AM, even though I was tired I couldn't put it down. 515 pages 8.0 11/1/92 Victor
Technopoly Technopoly
The Surrender of Culture to Technology
by: Postman, Neil Almost the same theroy(?) as McKibben's book but put forward much better than Technology is good but it brings it's own social luggage along. 199 pages 6.0 11/7/92 FPL
Mars Mars
by: Bova, Ben Great Read, I miss SF. I read the last 300+ pages in one setting. 502 pages 7.0 11/13/92 FPL
Easy Windows 3.1 Edition Easy Windows 3.1 Edition
by: O'Hara, Shelley Written at sub moron level, it was boring. Windows is a stupid interface, not that close too Mac, barely a GUI. 179 pages 1.0 11/15/92 FPL
Inside Gilligan's Island From Creation To Syndication Inside Gilligan's Island From Creation To Syndication
by: Schwartz, Sherwood I waited so long for this book, which i first read about in Rolling Stone about three years ago. I ordered thru interlibrary loan. I showed being in stock at UND and that next week I got another book from UND but not Gilligan so I figured the FPL makes editorial judgements and didn't order it. But they did, from the U of M! The text wasn't that interesting but it did have episode summarys and a good collection of pictures. 313 pages 4.0 11/22/92 FPL
Space Age Space Age
by: Walter, William J. Companion to the PBS Television series. Interesting but most of it is a rehash of info I already knew. Some of the photos and addendums to the text are interesting. 312 pages 5.0 11/26/92 FPL
When My Love Returns From The Ladies Room, Will I Be Too Old To Care When My Love Returns From The Ladies Room, Will I Be Too Old To Care
by: Grizzard, Lewis Somewhat funny in places, Which is okay becasue my leg hurt too much to allow me to laugh. 236 pages 6.0 12/8/92 FPL
Great Spies, The Great Spies, The
by: Franklin, Charles Some interesting real spy stories, Some of the best did very little cloak and dagger. Also some big sell outs such as Fuchs who gave the USSR our bomb secrets. It has been said of Fuck, for instance, that "on matters outside his special province he could not even be considered an intelligent adolescent." 260 pages 6.0 12/11/92 FPL
Bill Graham Presents Bill Graham Presents
My Life Inside Rock And Out
by: Graham, Bill and Greenfield, Robert From escaping the Nazi in Europe to Reagan's trip to Bitzburg. Stories of the bands: Stones, the Who etc. 546 pages 7.0 12/17/92 FPL
Pelican Brief Pelican Brief
by: Grisham, John Another large print edition, but this one wasn't as hard to read. The book was very exciting and Darby was a great heroine. 642 pages 7.0 12/20/92 FPL
Why In The World Why In The World
Adventures In Geography
by: Demko, George J. He started off great but ended up parroting facts. 386 pages 2.0 12/23/92 FPL
Cardinal Of The Kremlin, The Cardinal Of The Kremlin, The
by: Clancy, Tom What will Tom write about after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Even this book lost a biy of it's edge. I made the mistake of reading a bit before bed near the end… I couldn't put it down until I was finished! 547 pages 7.0 12/29/92 Victor
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