1991 Reading Record Comments
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Page Count Grade 0-9 Date I finished Source (FPL: Fargo Public Library, MSU: Minnesota State University Moorhead Library)
Ada or Ardor Ada or Ardor
A Family Chronicle
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Ada was an amazingly rich sensuous novel. It was slow going; not only did I savour each word but I had to look up the mysterious French words (thanks goes to Bob for loaning me his French-English Dictionary) and the many advanced English about a quarter of these weren't in my Webster Collegian Dictionary. Thank Navokov for translating his native Russian. Incestuous and erotic in nature it was more prolonged foreplay than penetration. 589 pages 9.0 1/1/91 FPL
Strong Opinions Strong Opinions
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Interesting set of interviews, all which were written out as Vladimir claims to have poor speaking skills. A master of writing but can't speak? The opinions were stong, was this a function of being old; in his seventies. 335 pages 4.0 1/5/91 MSU
Ghost Writer, The Ghost Writer, The
by: Roth, Philip An excellent story that became powerful as he introduces Amy as Ann Frank. In the end it is only the writers imagination, It's this imagination that he uses to justify his career/ life as a writer. I'm on a feeding frenzy of Nabokov, Roth and Amis. 180 pages 7.0 1/10/91 FPL
Facts, The Facts, The
by: Roth, Philip An autobiography, notable for his story of his first wife who trick him into marring her with a fake pregnancy. Between this and "Presumed Innocent" I have to wonder what is out there waiting me for my first love. It's good to know these thing before hand. Who says you can't learn anything about life from books. 195 pages 5.0 1/15/91 MSU
Presumed Innocent Presumed Innocent
by: Turrow , Scott A great story with a number of exciting plot twists. It also fit in with my fantasy of the smart brunette and the dumb but nice blonde. Barbara his wife and Carolyn his not so dumb mistress. I thought it was great hearing Barbara had an advanced degree in Mathematics and read anything 431 pages 9.0 1/20/91 MSU
Rama II Rama II
by: Clarke, Arthur C. and Lee, Gentry Another collaboration, this time it's better especially the ending, but the characters are rather unbelievable as serious scientist. You wouldn't want these specialist on a spaceship but in a lab. 421 pages 5.0 1/25/91 FPL
Death on the Installment Plan Death on the Installment Plan
by: Celine, Louis-Ferdinand I read it as a black comedy although I'm not sure it was suppose to be. Black as it was, it's simular to Dickens, in fact it was lighter in spots such as the English school. 588 pages 7.0 1/30/91 MSU
I Me Mine I Me Mine
by: Harrison, George Suzanne said you're getting a great present from us for Christmas, I didn't say so but I was almost sure it was this. I had to be small enough for their suitcase, something that they already had, something that would interest me. What did surprise me was the Derek Taylor book, when I got that I that was it so it was a super surprise to get both! George writes lyrics in the same general fashion as I do. I think he should do more rewrites, they could stand some work! His biography wasn't that outstanding or interesting; how could someone so plain become so fab! 381 pages 4.0 2/1/91 John Tomiczek
Fifty Years Adrift In An Open-Necked Shirt Fifty Years Adrift In An Open-Necked Shirt
by: Taylor, Derek These books are works of art, that is the bookmaking, the writing is quite pedastrian, only the subject is redeems the writing. I did enjoy the little bits of detailed trivia, he did go too far with some of it, too obsure to understand any of it. After reading this book I was surprised by how many times Derek's name came up in other sources. 529 pages 4.0 2/5/91 John Tomiczek
Growing Up Happy Growing Up Happy
by: Keeshan, Bob Captain Kangaroo, our heroes autobiography intersperced with his philosophy on child rearing. It dragged in places but was interesting on the whole. I didn't realize he started at the same time television did. I have to question the value of television to teach, he seems to think you might as well use it for that purpose. (You'd have to have government interaction to get educational TV on) I feel you should turn it off, use it only as a reward. 230 pages 6.0 2/10/91 FPL
Sixies People Sixies People
by: Stern, Jane An interesting complanion book to Dereks, USA in the Sixties. All the style of the Playboys, the smell of the hippies the power of the rebel and the strumming of the folkies comes to life in the small interesting details they dwell on. 231 pages 3.0 2/15/91 FPL
Futher Inquiry, The Futher Inquiry, The
by: Kesey, Ken A picture book (even has a flipmovie featuring Neil) of the famous Kesey bus trip of 1964, written as a mock trial in heaven? with Neil Cassady as the defendant. The best part was 'Stark Naked' (who looked a little like Bettie Page) with Neil. 215 pages 4.0 3/15/91 FPL
Transparent Things Transparent Things
by: Nabokov, Vladimir post Ada, more of a Novette, would have worked better if he could have use the Transparent things (transparent to time) on one interesting thing. 104 pages 5.0 3/20/91 FPL
Look At The Harlequins! Look At The Harlequins!
by: Nabokov, Vladimir I'm glad I read it after reading everything else. Because the story is a fictionalized account of his life with guest stops by his fictional charactors ie Lolita is his daughter Isabel. On the first page is a 'Books by the Author' only they were word plays on the actual books he has written, but by his fictional self! Confused me at first. 'Ada' was listed 'Ardis'. grust' i toska (sorrow and heartache) Written post Ada, in 1974 253 pages 8.0 4/4/91 FPL
Airbrush Artist's Handbook Of Technique, The Airbrush Artist's Handbook Of Technique, The
The Best Of Airbrush Digest's How-To Articles
by: Urban, William They didn't profile an artist good enough, to have a technique that I didn't know or could learn from. 60 pages 4.0 4/10/91 MSU
Journey To The End Of The Night Journey To The End Of The Night
by: Celine, Louis-Ferdinand It wasn't as funny or as good as Death on the Installment Plan. A black novel, yet it's depression mirrors my own. That doesn't sound right as my life doesn't have the characters bad luck, but it still seems as unfullfilling. 509 pages 6.0 4/19/91 MSU
Complete Manual Of Airbrushing, The Complete Manual Of Airbrushing, The
by: Owen, Peter and Rollason, Jane Not much technique of interest but they had a good section on equipment especially the Iwata brushes 239 pages 5.0 4/20/91 MSU
Jungle Lore Jungle Lore
by: Corbett, James Edward The great hunter explains how he got that way. Easy read, interesting stories. 172 pages 5.0 4/23/91 MSU
Mary Mary
by: Nabokov, Vladimir His first novel, rough in stops but still good. He waits for Mary in Berlin. Mary, his first love, is coming for her husband, who rooms next door. He plans to steal her away, yet minutes before she arrives he decides to forget the past and go to Paris. 114 pages 7.0 4/29/91 FPL
Pnin Pnin
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Nabakov sets Pnin up as a nice guy, who escapes to the United States, has his troubles as an instructer at a University. Yet at the end of the book everything falls apart in his life, and we're left with the bitter taste, of cruel satire behind his back. Reminds me of 'Laughter in the Dark'. 191 pages 8.0 4/30/91 FPL
Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run
by: Updike, John A less sympathic hero could Updike not find? I will probably read the series, if only to see the evolution of Johns style not for any interest in that Rabbit creature. 309 pages 4.0 5/5/91 MSU
Rommel Drives On Deep Into Egypt Rommel Drives On Deep Into Egypt
by: Brautigan, Richard Short poems, some so short they are only the title and no body. Here's a long one: "COLOR AS A BEGINNING; Forget love, I want to die in your yellow hair." 85 pages 4.0 5/8/91 FPL
Passion Of Ayn Rand, The Passion Of Ayn Rand, The
by: Branden, Barbara A realist view of Ayn (ryhmes with mine?!) Her downfall was denying the reality of emotion, and that real people don't act logical this held true for Ayn. Yet she was a great woman, she showed the world that people have to be free. Weriod coincidence, Ayn (Alice Rosenbaum's) only friend in St. Peteresburg was Nabokov's sister! 422 pages 6.0 5/12/91 MSU
Hawkline Monster, The Hawkline Monster, The
A Gothic Western
by: Brautigan, Richard Interlibrary loan from NDSU. A Novelette about a chemical monster, in the classic Brautigan style. 216 pages 6.0 5/16/91 FPL
Man-Eaters Of Kumaon Man-Eaters Of Kumaon
by: Corbett, James Edward The Tigers are the stars of this book. It's amazing that Jim lived to tell some of these tales, but then Jim was no blood thirsty hunter, so he deserves his aclaim 233 pages 5.0 5/19/91 MSU
Tokyo-Montana Express, The Tokyo-Montana Express, The
by: Brautigan, Richard Interlibrary loan from Concordia. One page stories. Everything that Richard does is short: His novels are novelettes his short stories are one page long and his poems are but a title. Who am I to complain. 258 pages 5.0 5/22/91 FPL
Enchanter, The Enchanter, The
by: Nabokov, Vladimir The novelette that inspired Lolita. Translated from Russian by his son Dmitri. The main difference in the story is the protagonist, doesn't go all the way. He was very patience, up until the last moment, he got carried away, he got caught with his pants down, before he could teach her not to be afraid. He ended up laying down on the train tracks. 127 pages 7.0 5/25/91 FPL
Improbable Machine, The Improbable Machine, The
by: Campbell, Jeremy This was a n interesting book. It had less to do with computers than witht he human brain. It showed our brain works nothing like a computer and visa versa. Too bad the FPL defacer enjoyed this book as well, because he or she really marked it up. 288 pages 7.0 6/2/91 FPL
Bend Sinister Bend Sinister
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Nabakov's first english novel, examines what could have been a depressing tale of totalitarianism, showing 'Toads' incompetence in a light manor. 241 pages 5.0 6/5/91 FPL
Bachelor Girls Bachelor Girls
by: Wasserstein, Wendy Cute little tales of being a Jewish career gal in NYC. The best part was the tales were short enought for smuggling at work. 209 pages 5.0 6/6/91 FPL
Seventies, The Seventies, The
From Hot Pants To Hot Tubs
by: Edelstein, Andrew and McDonaugh, Kevin The book did a good job reliving the pop culture of the 70's, television especially 201 pages 5.0 6/15/91 FPL
Witness From The Grave Witness From The Grave
by: Stover, Eric and Joyce, Christopher The story of Clyde Snow digging up graves to determin who was in it. 305 pages 6.0 6/17/91 FPL
Shield Of Time, The Shield Of Time, The
by: Anderson, Poul A good SF book, something to relax in. It lack in the area of plot continuity but I only looking for a light read. 359 pages 6.0 6/24/91 FPL
Powershift Powershift
by: Toffler, Alvin The last book of his trilogy, preceeded by 'Future Shock' and 'The Third Wave', 'Powershift' was a great book, one that pointed out a number of problems and opportunities in the future. 476 pages 9.0 7/8/91 FPL
How To Locate Anyone Anywhere Without Leaving Home How To Locate Anyone Anywhere Without Leaving Home
by: Gunderson, Ted L. Interesting book, turns out it's not that easy to hide anymore. You can't change your name unless you don't wish to work for any money. Many records are public, yet all the good stuff is private. I read it at work because the chapters are so short. It only took two days. 127 pages 5.0 7/11/91 FPL
Vladimir Nabokov; The Russian Years Vladimir Nabokov; The Russian Years
by: Boyd, Brian Slow and plodding, I thought I'd never finish this book. The worst thing is it's only part one! Too much detail, too much hereo worship, too much reading between the lines and too much College thesis language. 528 pages 4.0 7/13/91 FPL
In The Men's House In The Men's House
by: Barkalow, Carol Cpt. The first half was her stay at West Point, and the second half (The interesting half) was her career. Dad got fired while I was secretly reading this at work, should I feel guilty? Nah! 283 pages 5.0 7/19/91 FPL
Songs Of The Doomed Songs Of The Doomed
More Notes On The Death Of The American Dream
by: Thompson, Hunter S. More weriodness from Hunter. Interesting apocalyptic gonzo prose. 316 pages 7.0 7/20/91 FPL
Nemesis Nemesis
by: Asimov, Isaac Suzanne loved this book but I thought it was an average Asimov. The Racism in space plot was rather lame. 364 pages 7.0 7/24/91 FPL
Russian Beauty And Other Stories, A Russian Beauty And Other Stories, A
by: Nabokov, Vladimir I was surprised how good his short stories are to read. They were short enough to read at least one in a sitting. Having just read his biography added insight and familiarity to a number of them. 268 pages 6.0 7/28/91 FPL
Summing Up, The Summing Up, The
by: Maugham, W. Somerset There were a number of books that i hadn't thought to look in the Biography section including Nabokov's "Speak Memory" and this one. It wasn't a biography so much as his thoughts on life and art. Maugham shares many of my cynical views, this made me feel good. 310 pages 6.0 7/31/91 FPL
Best Of The Atlantic 1990, The Best Of The Atlantic 1990, The
by: Atlantic 1990, This was a surprise gift for subscribing to the Atlantic. Stories by: Irvin Faust, Nora Johnson, and W.D.Wetherell. The last was the best about Levittown and the death of the Suburbs. 40 pages 5.0 8/1/91 Craig
Immortality Immortality
by: Kundera, Milan Like Heller and Vonnegut, Milan plays with reader, taking us aside and introducing the author in the book running the charactors life. 345 pages 6.0 8/3/91 FPL
Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus
by: Vonnegut, Kurt Classic Vonnegut, tie-ins to his other books and wild action that has some point in relation to the plot. 302 pages 8.0 8/4/91 FPL
Ghost From The Grand Bank, The Ghost From The Grand Bank, The
by: Clarke, Arthur C. About trying to raise the Titanic. Unfortunately it isn't as interesting underseas as it is in space. The book doesn't seem to go anywhere. 274 pages 6.0 8/11/91 FPL
King, Queen, Knave King, Queen, Knave
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Only his second novel, but it still sings. I did read somewhere that when he translated it into English he all be rewrote it so... The title isn't about chess but cards?! 272 pages 7.0 8/16/91 FPL
Joy Of Insight, The Joy Of Insight, The
by: Weisskopf, Victor Passions of a physicist: Science and Music. This biography was very interesting all the big names all the big theorys which he explains. I was rather interested in his overview of classical music. 328 pages 6.0 8/17/91 FPL
Rabbit Redux Rabbit Redux
by: Updike, John Updike put some zip (read sex) into this second Rabbit book, so it's easier to take. Harry is becoming a more interesting charactor as he matures, if that's what you could call it. 407 pages 6.0 8/24/91 MSU
Defense, The Defense, The
by: Nabokov, Vladimir A good early work. I've read enough Nabokov so it's easier to understand what's going on. Maybe it's all the works of criticism I've read. Luzhin gets married and gives up playing chess, so he takes his life; rather like knocking over your king in a game you know you can't win. 256 pages 7.0 9/1/91 MSU
Vladimir Nabokov A Reference Guide Vladimir Nabokov A Reference Guide
by: Schuman, Samuel All sorts of magazine articles to look up. This was one of the Navokov book I found in the new Nabokov section in the MSU library. It was the first place I looked years ago but forgot. Later I assumed they had only rearranged the books, so imagine my surprise when I found they had all these other Nabokovs 198 pages 5.0 9/3/91 MSU
Don't Get Taken Every Time Don't Get Taken Every Time
The Insider's Guide To Buying Or Leasing Your Next Car Or Truck
by: Sutton, Remar Everything one needs to know in order to buy a car and not get screwed. The fictional charactors make the book fun to read. 335 pages 7.0 9/4/91 Craig
Roberte Ce Soir And The Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes Roberte Ce Soir And The Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes
And The Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes
by: Klossowski, Pierre Roberta and Victor in a smutty (for the time) book. I scanned the book for the good parts. I used the Roberte and Viktor segment as a charcol drawing, turned out almost as poor as the illustrations in the book. 214 pages 4.0 9/17/91 MSU
Waltz Invention, The Waltz Invention, The
by: Nabokov, Vladimir A play about a insane inventer named Waltz, who thinks he has invented the ultimate weapon. 111 pages 5.0 9/28/91 MSU
Eye, The Eye, The
by: Nabokov, Vladimir The hero shoots himself and thinking himself dead uses it as an excuse to act badly haha. 114 pages 5.0 9/30/91 MSU
Anna Karenina Anna Karenina
by: Tolstoy, Leo The book should have been call Constantine Dmitrich Levin, as I felt he was more like me and the book delt as much with his search for faith as Anna's fall from grace. The social mores of the times are hard to understand; Anna's position doesn't seem so desperate by todays standards, but Levin's troubles are everyman's! 740 pages 6.0 9/30/91 MSU
Rabbit Is Rich Rabbit Is Rich
by: Updike, John Harry becomes more normal, now it's his kid who has problems 467 pages 6.0 10/15/91 MSU
Rabbit At Rest Rabbit At Rest
by: Updike, John Updike must be as sick of Harry as I am and hurrys (though it is the longest book so far) to kill him off. Rabbit wasn't even 60. 512 pages 6.0 10/21/91 MSU
Glory Glory
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Martin is one of Nabokov's nices charactors, maybe thats what is wrong with him. The Cambridge section was interesting. Vladimir is rewriting his life much in the manor of Keroauc. 205 pages 7.0 10/25/91 MSU
Good War, The Good War, The
An Oral History Of World War II
by: Terkel, Studs All this Stud did was interview people's experiences of the Good War. Still, it was interesting, almost everyone thought it should have been fought yet the book also looked at the poor conditions in and out of the battlefield. 589 pages 6.0 11/6/91 MSU
Sound And The Fury, The Sound And The Fury, The
by: Faulkner, William I only read the beginning, his style is too strange to read, but more importantly his story didn't interest me 124 pages 1.0 11/18/91 MSU
Jurassic Park Jurassic Park
by: Crichton, Michael This book restored my belief in the fun of reading. I read it in one day. He also wrote The Andromeda Strain. Choas at the dinosaur park. 400 pages 7.0 11/19/91 FPL
Tyrants Destroyed And Other Stories Tyrants Destroyed And Other Stories
by: Nabokov, Vladimir The short stories of Nabokov are like his novels; some are fair some are great, all are interesting. In the last paragraph, the first letter of each word spells out "Icicles by Cynthia from me Sybil" I'm glad he said to look for it in the intro because I would have never thought to look even thought the text mentions it as a plot point! 238 pages 6.0 12/2/91 FPL
Quartet Quartet
by: Nabokov, Vladimir All four of these stories I've read before. The only difference was the ending of 'The Vane Sisters'. The last paragraph spelt "Icicles by Cynthia meter from me Sybil" 104 pages 6.0 12/5/91 MSU
Man From The USSR And Other Plays, The Man From The USSR And Other Plays, The
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Dmitri must make a small living off the his fathers work, but he earns it; translating and releasing all the work that was unpublished in English at Vladimirs death. Even Dmitri's introductions are interesting. All the plays were good. Reading Nabokov's Bio made me recognise them from the start rather than the end. 342 pages 6.0 12/12/91 MSU
Real Life Of Sebastian Knight, The Real Life Of Sebastian Knight, The
by: Nabokov, Vladimir His first English book is great, the search for his half brother the search for himself. 205 pages 7.0 12/17/91 MSU
Going Down With Janis Going Down With Janis
by: Caserta, Peggy Kent gave me this book almost ten years ago but it was so trashy that I didn't read it until now. I was out of library books and was in the mood for trash. It wasn't that bad but it is in the trash now. 267 pages 4.0 12/30/91 HAIBY
Gift From The Sea Gift From The Sea
by: Lindbergh, Anne Morrow This was on the Forums ten most influencial books list. Mom happened to have it, I've read Anne's other book and it was a quick read for the last day of the year so, I popped it down. Pop, is right; pop psychology. 139 pages 3.0 12/31/91 Mom
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