1990 Reading Record Comments
  This looks like the year I discovered Ayn Rand, Vladimir Nabokov, and Richard Brautigan- Wow! The reading database is updated each time I head to the library; this is why many books share the same date. If you want more information about the book, click the title or the book image for links to Amazon.
Page Count Grade 0-9 Date I finished Source (FPL: Fargo Public Library, MSU: Minnesota State University Moorhead Library)
Elvis And Me Elvis And Me
by: Presley, Priscilla Yes, once again boredom has led me to read another stupid book. There were a few interesting incidents, so she couldn't be accused of glossing over her ex-husbands darker side. Elvis fooling around when she was only fourteen. Playing games and Polaroids when she was sixteen. Elvis teaching religion to all his 'guest', when all the freeloading women wanted was him! 320 pages 2.0 1/1/90 Mom
Trophies, The Trophies, The
by: Heredia, José María De This book of poetry was good, the single page poems were well suited to reading at work. Victor would look up the words in Funk and Wagners over pizza that I didn't know. The book benifited from a simple rythum and lines that rhymed! He used old myths then threw a new World Spanish Cortez heroic epic. I photocopied some of the erotic pieces. 303 pages 6.0 1/7/90 MSU
Raven, The Raven, The
A Biography of Sam Houston
by: James, Marquis after reading Profiles In Courage, I decided to check out Sam Houston. There were a number of BIo's listed in the JFK book, this looked the most promising. Sam Houston was one hell of a man or was it hero worship on the part of Mr. James? 433 pages 5.0 1/14/90 MSU
Naked And The Dead, The Naked And The Dead, The
by: Mailer, Norman From one of those 'Classic Book Club Fliers' I got on a classic book kick. This war story was on it for good reason. It must have cause quite a stir when it was first published in 1948. Realistic, one felt ypu were there. On page 602, "A half hour later, Lt. Hearn was killed by a machine gun bullet which passed through his chest." Even though we know Sgt. Croft has sent them into the Jap ambush it's a quick end for a major charactor! 721 pages 7.0 1/21/90 MSU
Collected Stories Of Dorothy Parker, The Collected Stories Of Dorothy Parker, The
by: Parker, Dorothy Between the Prince song and a reference from some book of mom's, I decided to check out mrs Parker. Her style is caught up in the speach of her day. I'm sure she's noted for dialog. unfortunately I hated it, it made all the charactors sound stupid. I'd rather read Hemingway. I did think about John and Suzanne as charactors in her stories, but Suz isn't that stupid, is John? 115 pages 1.0 1/28/90 MSU
Wasteland and Other Poems Wasteland and Other Poems
by: Eliot, T.S. This collection of Eliot's poetry contains every major piece that made Eliot the genius he is. I read it last year: "Ash Wednesday" It reads like honey. I used some of his simpler technics in my "The Green Wave". 88 pages 8.0 2/1/90 MSU
Six Days Of The Condor Six Days Of The Condor
by: Grady, James From the description of the movie by Bob, I decided to check the book out. It was an easy read, the structure was simular to Logan's Run, and almost as interesting. It could stand to be fleshed out and the central plot is weak. Bob says that problem is corrected in the movie 182 pages 7.0 2/1/90 MSU
Holy Goof, The Holy Goof, The
A Biography Of Neal Cassady
by: Plummer, William There are two Cassady bio's listed in "Ginsberg". MSU had this one. It reminded me of an expanded magazine article cribbed from other people's book. No detail, Cassady dies pointlessly in the desert. 160 pages 2.0 2/1/90 MSU
Siddartha Siddartha
by: Hesse, Herman This book came from a list of books that Elvis read, yes it's a religious book; the search for truth that Siddartha takes thoughout his life. It reminds me of John Lennon. John would lack on to one truth and proclaim it until the next newest truth. Hesse has Siddartha find the truth in the end but it's a null, nothing. It was a good story untill it got to this end. I expected to find something, I'd reject or to bitterly find there is no truth... maybe it's just a bad translation? One interesting note of enjoyment; someone long ago split perfume? on the book and it's faint smell was quite sensual. i must confess I finf books sensual anyway, I love their touch, smell and the erotic ideas that feed my soul and knowledge that feeds my brain. 153 pages 4.0 2/7/90 MSU
Ginsberg Ginsberg
by: Miles, Barry Even though I reread some of the good parts, I skipped the first 188 pages. I read 220 pages on the plane back to the states. I lied to Suzanne and told her 400+ when she woke up! haha I was trying to impress the redhead next to me. The more I read about the Beats the more the myth is distroyed, the more I cling to them. As a guide what not to do? As an excuse for my own life?? Asa justification to do nothing??? The late fouties thru the Fifties set up the myth. the sixties thru the early seventies they live their myth and it becomes hard to read knowing what jerks they all are. (wake up!) but then come the eighties; that life is no contest... no one wins or losses. 538 pages 5.0 2/10/90 Suzanne
Scenes Along The Road Scenes Along The Road
by: Charters, Ann As soon as i found out Ann had this photobook of the Beat Nation, I couldn't wait to find it. Unfortunately, I seen almost everyone of these photos in other books, some of her own books. I read the one she did on Kerouac. This should be Ginsberg's book, as they're his photographs, his captions and poems and he even supplies some of the text. 52 pages 6.0 2/11/90 MSU
Jules And Jim Jules And Jim
by: Truffaut, Fancois The reference from Townshend's "Empty Glass" kept knawing at me. All the MSU Library had was the script. This was easier to read. (small, portiable and guerilla) It had stills from the movie noted in the text. A tragedy: Catherine tries to distroy Jules, then Jim, then Jules and Jim's friendship. Finally she takes Jim for a ride over an embankment killing herself and Jim. Leaving Sabine, her daughter, in her ex-husband's (Jules) care. Catherine never knew what she was doing, she had no control over her emotions. She used and discarded all men like toys. 104 pages 4.0 2/12/90 MSU
Take a Chance to Be First Take a Chance to Be First
The Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success
by: Avis, Warren This one came from dad's trip to Atlanta. I was between trips to the library. At first I thought Waren was a dork and wasn't gonna read any more, then I brought it to work and finished it there. In the second half of the book, he rolls up his sleeves and tells some important things about bankers, lawyers and accountants. If you wanna start your own company, this book would be a good start. 218 pages 4.0 2/14/90 Dad
Mighty Van Halen, The Mighty Van Halen, The
by: Morison, Buzz Dad and I had an arguement about buying books, I said all the good ones are in the library so why buy them. He went to the big 70% off sale and got this for me. Compare this to Eliot? Right! No depth, out of his depth, Buzz is to buzzed to be objective. 48 pages 2.0 2/14/90 Craig
Fumbling The Future Fumbling The Future
How Xerox Invented, Then Ignored, The First Personal Computer
by: Smith, Douglas and Alexander, Robert C. This book came from an article in Mac World. It's hard to believe that Xerox had a Mac-like Computer ten years before Apple and did nothing with it. Ten years is a lifetime, no one would ever catch them. Their only excuse was it was too advanced? In fact I wonder if the Mac wasn't released to soon for it's own good? Should Apple have released an open architure Apple II business machine, beating IBM to the punch and enjoying a large installed base before releasing the Mac? As far as business lessons go, I don't think Xerox or any company could control or contain growth from 0 to a billion/year in under ten years, Apple did it but with Xerox's technology! 258 pages 7.0 2/20/90 MSU
Willard And His Bowling Trophies Willard And His Bowling Trophies
by: Brautigan, Richard This author came out of a reference in the Ginsberg bio. The book I was looking for (Trout Fishing...) was listed in the MSU's education Library ie children's library. Willard was also in the FPL, I find this amazing, because Bondage is a central plot point, full of descriptive activities. I thought it was to be poerty, but it looked like short prose, it turned out to be a short novette. the book is structured almost perfectly for reading at work. The chapters were only two or tree pages long. Alternating between the couple doing bondage and the crazy, somewhat funny brothers looking for their bowling trophies. Unfortunately the book just ends! and quite unsatisfactory at that. 167 pages 9.0 2/23/90 MSU
Richard Brautigan Richard Brautigan
by: Boyer, Jay I wanted to see what else is available fron Richard and if Willard... was a fluke? This it doesn't tell me, I did learn that Richard blew his brains out October 3rd 1984 50 pages 3.0 2/24/90 MSU
Farewell To Arms, A Farewell To Arms, A
by: Hemingway, Ernest Reading his work in order, this second book is better than the first. I wonder if in modern literiture, he was the first to kill off ALL his major charactors. He ends this book by killing the wife (Cat) and baby in childbirth. I could see it coming: some asshole kept writing "Foreshadow" in the margin everytime a charactor ponders their mortality. Another bad ending, another Catherine a victom of fate. (Jules and Jim) 343 pages 5.0 2/26/90 MSU
Abortion Abortion
An Historical Romance 1966, The
by: Brautigan, Richard Yet another fascinating book by Richard, this one even has an ending. It's model writing. I can't believe this guy wasn't famous. He doesn't have too much to say, but who cares. Surreal fiction that's sensual and funny! 226 pages 9.0 3/1/90 MSU
Pill vs The Springhill Mine Disaster, The Pill vs The Springhill Mine Disaster, The
by: Brautigan, Richard Title Poem:When you take your pill it's like a mine disaster.-I think of all the people lost inside of you. (I made another sheet of the love-sexy poems he wrote for Marcia.) 108 pages 8.0 3/1/90 MSU
Revenge Of The Lawn Revenge Of The Lawn
by: Brautigan, Richard Revenge of the Lawn is a collection of short stories, like unrelated chapters of his later books; interesting and funny. 174 pages 5.0 3/1/90 MSU
Dreaming Of Babylon Dreaming Of Babylon
A Private Eye Novel, 1942
by: Brautigan, Richard Another of the later novels, the funny ones. It happen that I started dreaming of babylon at the Stevie Ray Vaughn concert. Dreaming of my own Nana-dirat! while Stevie sang of our life together, it was wonderful. It'd be hard to explain to Bob. Hard to explain why I don't remember much of the concert! 220 pages 7.0 3/1/90 MSU
In Watermelon Sugar In Watermelon Sugar
by: Brautigan, Richard Watermelon Sugar, finds Richard writing fanasy fiction; the sun shines a different color every day, enemies commit suicide, and tigers apologize before they eat your parents. 138 pages 5.0 3/1/90 MSU
Trout Fishing In America Trout Fishing In America
by: Brautigan, Richard Trout Fishing ... is just a bunch of rambling prose with trout fishing as a common thread. The interesting thing; it was in the MSU Curric library ie the childrens library... not with the language he uses!? 182 pages 5.0 3/1/90 MSU
So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away
by: Brautigan, Richard So The Wind... was one of the last books before he blew his brains out. Strange but not funny, the story leading upto the kid accidentally shooting his friend. 131 pages 5.0 3/1/90 MSU
Confederate General General From Big Sur Confederate General General From Big Sur
by: Brautigan, Richard These mostly earlier works of Brautigan weren't as good. Confederate General was interesting, but he's still searching for his style. 159 pages 4.0 3/1/90 MSU
Somerset Maugham Somerset Maugham
by: Curtis , Anthony When I was grabbing yet another Maugham book, I had a hard time recalling what I've read and what is suppose to be good. The short biography was interesting and the capsulized review of all his major works was quite handy. 37 pages 4.0 3/1/90 MSU
Moon And Sixpence, The Moon And Sixpence, The
by: Maugham, W. Somerset In a way this is the companion volume to Cake & Ale. It's an interesting book when he lets the charactors act out their parts. But when Somerset starts explaining, preaching my eyes go directly into scan mode. It's a fine thing to read a Maugham on a lazy Saturday/Sunday afternoon. Especially now that I can't seem to do any art. 282 pages 6.0 3/1/90 MSU
Collected Short Stories Vol 1 Collected Short Stories Vol 1
by: Maugham, W. Somerset Interesting as always. Most of the stories were in his usual style, but some surprises were thrown in. None were too long at 50 pages or too short at 3, he's a real pro. It was a little hard at work but it's gonna get warmer upstairs ha ha. 441 pages 6.0 3/1/90 MSU
Gift, The Gift, The
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Nabokov's experiences as an expatriate in Berlin. The gift is the ability to write? One of the five long chapters deals with the life of a dead Russian author, I didn't understand the concept anymore than the explaination in the criticism books. Like all Nabokov books there are moments of grandure. 378 pages 5.0 3/1/90 FPL
Speak, Memory Speak, Memory
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Nabokov's autobiography at least through his expatriate experiences in Berlin and Paris. It's interesting how childhood plays a large part of Nabokovs and Kerouacs writing. I certainly have to agree the was something special and magical about my childhood. At least how I remember it. 310 pages 6.0 3/14/90 FPL
For Love For Love
by: Creeley , Robert It should have be titled, "For My Ex-Wife." I got the reference from Joyces' book, but I didn't like his style. The only piece I enjoyed was the first half of "Ballad of the Despairing Husband" 160 pages 4.0 4/1/90 MSU
Man In the High Castle, The Man In the High Castle, The
by: Dick, Philip K. I was looking for another book when I noticed this Dick book, that is on my best of Science Fiction list. Alternate present where Japan and Germany have won WWII; spliting the US in half. The man in the high castle is a S.F. author who wrote a book about the US winning the war. It's an interesting book 239 pages 6.0 4/1/90 MSU
David Copperfield David Copperfield
by: Dickens, Charles It was my sisters' idea to read Dickenson. After a joke about Drool Buckets, I sugjested David Copperfield. I found strange parallel to Suz and John. At that point I was hoping she wouldn't read it. I just got a letter from her; she's still got the wrong book! Great. I did find the book somewhat juvenile, I should have read it when I was reading Hugo in 8-9th grade. An easy 800 pages. 814 pages 6.0 4/1/90 FPL
Door Into Summer, The Door Into Summer, The
by: Heinlein, Robert A. This is one of his first Adult Science Fiction and already you can see his world view building along with his stock charactors. The Slusser book did sort of wreck my appreciation for Heinlein, but one could see he was right about having the charactors say one thing but do the other. Robert writes a different action adventure but always the same parable. 188 pages 6.0 4/1/90 MSU
Grumbles From The Grave Grumbles From The Grave
by: Heinlein, Robert A. This collection of letters was published after he died. After the first chapter I wasn't going to read anymore, but I picked it up once more and was suddenly over half way thur. It got good. In a hurry! The Bibliography should be helpful too. 267 pages 4.0 4/1/90 FPL
Green Hills of Africa Green Hills of Africa
by: Hemingway, Ernest Ernest and his guns, blasting every living creature in Africa. Interesting but dated material. I'm beginning to tire of all this old stuff. 295 pages 3.0 4/1/90 MSU
For Whom The Bell Tolls For Whom The Bell Tolls
by: Hemingway, Ernest The latest book on my Hemingway kick. It was a good story but I was forcing myself. In places, Aburmiento, spanish for boordom. Ernest has killed most of his main charactors. The story ends with Roberto about to engage the enemy, having been left behind with a broken leg, but when I turned the page there was no more book?! This is my last Hemingway. One interesting bit, "... something that was like the feeling you expected to have and did not have when you made your first communion." 471 pages 6.0 4/1/90 MSU
Steppenwolf Steppenwolf
by: Hesse, Herman Another unsatisfing ending. Harry goes on an Acid trip? Has Hesse been reading Joyce? It was a joy to discover the "Blood and Chocolate" reference. The man and the Wolf of the Steppe; candy and a fresh kill. It's comforting to realize there are a number of us Steppenwolfs, still I don't understand (or care) what Hesse is saying. One bit I did like was a speach by Hermin, "... Whoever wants to live and enjoy his life today must not be like you and me. Whoever wants music instead of noise, joy instead of pleasure, soul instead of gold, creative work instead of foolery, finds no home in this trivial world of ours." 309 pages 6.0 4/1/90 MSU
Go Go
A Novel
by: Holmes, John Clellon I enjoyed seeing by Beat friends from the sidelines John/Paul was probably alot like me. He liked hanging out with them, but did let himself get carried away, after all it was the early 50's 311 pages 7.0 4/1/90 MSU
Minor Characters Minor Characters
by: Johnson, Joyce Joyce brings even more realities to the Beats, she dated/lived with Jack Keroauc and brings a much need female perspective to their history. A number of lives were ruin, not so much by the Beats as the consquences of the times. Things we take for granted now just weren't heard of back then. People today understand the consquences, human failings and are willing to talk/deal with them. 263 pages 6.0 4/1/90 MSU
Dr. Sax Dr. Sax
by: Kerouac, Jack I decided to go back to the source of Beat writers, Jack. Actually I like his work least! This was a weriod book. History slant histroy of his life; his Lowell boyhood years meet 'The Shadow' by way of Stanley Kubricks' "Lair of the White Worm" 245 pages 3.0 4/1/90 MSU
Robert A. Heinlein Robert A. Heinlein
Stranger In His Own Land (Popular Writers Of Today ; V. 1)
by: Slusser, George Edgar I don't put too much faith in literary criticism, but I wanted an overview. 62 pages 3.0 4/1/90 MSU
Screening Space Screening Space
by: Sobchack , Vivian Of these picture books, I did read but one chapter on postfuturism in Vivians' book. There happened to be a number of stills from movies playing on cable. 82 pages 6.0 4/1/90 MSU
Other People Other People
A Mystery Story
by: Amis, Martin I got the Amis idea from an article in Rolling Stone, this is the only book in either library? The story wasn't too interesting, it was the charactors that made the story. I think I fell in love with Mary Lamb (Not to be confused with Amy Hide : Dr Jekyel and Mr. Hyde?) or at least the idea of her. One morning I woke from a bitter dream. I met a mysterious women in the dream and I think it was her. Real life seems pale to many of my dreams! The last chapters are powerful, although I don't understand the ending. 224 pages 6.0 5/1/90 FPL
Amusing Ourselves To Death Amusing Ourselves To Death
Public Discourse In The Age Of Show Business
by: Postman, Neil This was the best nonfiction I've read in a long time. Another reference from Mac World. Neil lays forth that television is wrecking our ability to think by trivializing everything. He has nothing against television, only it is a medium of entertainment and should only be used as such. I have to agree. They should ban advertisments, religion, politics and news from TV!.. anything important. He talks about how Orwell was wrong about Big Brother, Alex Huxley is right and Ayn Rand fought against the wrong thing... well maybe she won? and her writing encourages reading. 163 pages 7.0 5/1/90 MSU
Atlas Shrugged Atlas Shrugged
by: Rand, Ayn It's a good thing I got "Atlas Shrugged" from the FPL, because I pulled out 2000 pages, I needed a full month to read this book. Not only was it long but the print was tiny and the content dense; as witnessed by John Galts' 57 page radio speech! It is an amazing book, but at least 200 pages too long. When I was done, I wasn't left wanting more. I felt the same when I finished Joyces' "Ulyesses", A long hard contest that I finally won. I found parallels at work, it shows how weak and stupid people are. 1084 pages 9.0 5/1/90 FPL
Fountainhead, The Fountainhead, The
by: Rand, Ayn I've have passed up this book a number of times, but I knew I had to read it now. I wasn't disappointed. I jokenly say it's the best book I've read this decade, but it's more than that. Ayn puts across a number of stories, lessons and ideas. Wrong or right it has more to say and says it better than any other so called literary book, such as Joyces' "Ulyseses". Granted the idea of architecture as a creative force in the world requires a suspension of belief, I'm sure modern painting would work better but had already gain acceptance and wouldn't hold the world forces she play with. the book certainly made me feel good about myself. "The Fountainhead" was emotionally trying at times, overly melodramtic, but the charactors were believable and interesting. 695 pages 9.0 5/1/90 MSU
Anthem Anthem
by: Rand, Ayn Atlas Shrugged wasn't in, I had Suzanne along with me and she had read this one. Ayns' Science fiction tale of Communism gone wild. Short and Good 123 pages 7.0 5/1/90 MSU
Red Dirt Marijuana and Other Tastes Red Dirt Marijuana and Other Tastes
by: Southern, Terry I thought I look for another Southerns' book. I enjoyed "The Magic Christian". 246 pages 4.0 5/1/90 FPL
Long Tea Time of the Soul, The Long Tea Time of the Soul, The
by: Adams, Douglas It was nice to read a comedy after "Atlas Shrugged". Adams' twisted view is as interesting as Brautigans'. Having been to England, it was easy to get the feel. 319 pages 6.0 6/1/90 FPL
Hitchhiker's Trilogy, The Hitchhiker's Trilogy, The
by: Adams, Douglas Having finished reading the last Adams' book, I decided it'd be a good time to read this set. I asked Bob with just enough time to finish out the month. It was good, but not as good as I remember. In the prefex, Douglas mentions rewriting it, is this why it seems flat? 468 pages 5.0 6/1/90 Bob
So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
by: Adams, Douglas This was more like the writing style I remember and the love interest of Arthur Dent with Fenchurch was interesting. Flying, stripping, in the clouds, incoitus interesting. The last message of the god of creation to his subjects: "We apologize for the inconvenience" ! 204 pages 7.0 6/1/90 Bob
Poems of Dylan Thomas, The Poems of Dylan Thomas, The
by: Thomas, Dylan I got this volume 18 months ago for Christmas, I've been reading it on and off since then. There are a number of beautiful poems but I'll have to reread it to find and notate them. See you in 1992! 281 pages 5.0 6/1/90 Craig
Jack Keroauc Collection, The Jack Keroauc Collection, The
by: Rhino Records - Jack Kerouac The booklet included along with the three CD set. Something I wanted that I got for free! 30 pages 6.0 6/8/90 MSU
Handmaids Tale, The Handmaids Tale, The
by: Atwood, Margaret This book has been out for the last ten times, but then I knew it'd be here in the summer; readership is light. Bizarre, erotic, weriod, wild, anti-religion. It had an interesting flavor, female authorship. Margaret ended the tale were most men would have started: were the escape takes place. We never know what happens to Offred. 311 pages 6.0 7/2/90 MSU
Despair Despair
by: Nabokov, Vladimir The beginning was rather slow, so I matched my read speed inverse to the interest factor. The story was just your standard murder as told by the murderer. 222 pages 6.0 7/2/90 MSU
Laughter In The Dark Laughter In The Dark
by: Nabokov, Vladimir The normal Nabokov to start with would be Lolita of course, but I couldn't touched it without putting it back, even after uncoding the Police song. This and the following book came from the Martin Amis article in Rolling Stone. I can see many simularities between the two authors. Pay no attention to the title, this is one cruel book. The charactors aren't physically cruel they are mentally cruel. A good read. 292 pages 7.0 7/2/90 MSU
Lolita Lolita
by: Nabokov, Vladimir On the cover sheet someone wrote,"Is this a stupid book or what?". Underneath this someone else wrote,"Get a life you illiterate pagan". I agree with the latter. This was one hot book, I thought it was gonna be dry like the movie but it wasn't. The prose was poetic and one did not feel too sorry for Dolores Haze. (Read the 1st chapter) 319 pages 8.0 7/2/90 FPL
Parting With Illusions Parting With Illusions
by: Pozner , Vladimir Suzanne talked up this book. When I pulled it out I instantly recognized it as the book S. had laying around at the wedding. Point of fact, mom had only recently sent it back as S. forgot it here. I liked what he had to say about the media. His thoughts on USSR were interesting although I don't think Socialism is the answer. 312 pages 5.0 7/2/90 FPL
Portnoy's Complaint Portnoy's Complaint
by: Roth, Philip Another book offered by Martin Amis; this one is full of funny/stupid tales of Jewish guilt mixed in with hot stylish sex. I think the book ends too soon, does he give into the guilt (the ideal Jewish homelife) or does he continue to reject it? I want to know because I feel the same way... do I continue to live my life or do I go out and get a family. Would that even change anything or just make one too busy to think? 274 pages 7.0 7/2/90 MSU
Odyssey Odyssey
by: Sculley, John I was editing and reread Mac Worlds, when I got to Steven Levy talking about this book, I put it back on the list and MSU has since got it. An amazing book, how business should be. Between John and Ayn I'm opening my mouth wider than ever before... maybe I can get both feet in now? ha ha I couldn't do anything until I finished the book: I read most of it in two evenings. Most of dads business books deal with the past, a few good ones deal with the present... Johns deals with the future; Apple is a third wave company. 431 pages 7.0 7/2/90 MSU
Money Money
by: Amis, Martin I gotta start reading upbeat books, I think they unsettle me?! This one was wild, hot, funny, steamy and cynical. Martin can definately trace his roots to Nabakov. The ending was strong for a change. It's funny how they worry about "Two Live Crew" while showing no concern for novels. hee hee 363 pages 8.0 8/1/90 FPL
Backstreets Springsteen Backstreets Springsteen
The Man And His Music
by: Cross , Charles R. I thought this would be better than the general trash Bio books as it was written by his fanzine; Backstreets. I was right, it was loaded with cool stuff like set list from every concert, which confirmed my Madison Square Garden set list and filled in an empty set list for the St. Paul Concert. The list of B-sides will be useful. 221 pages 6.0 8/1/90 FPL
Macintosh Bible, The Macintosh Bible, The
by: Naiman, Arthur There was a number of interesting hints and shortcuts that I wrote down. It was a help with some software selection. 652 pages 5.0 8/1/90 FPL
Invitation To A Beheading Invitation To A Beheading
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Some of Nabokov's books are great, some are good, some are only okay; this one is okay. Sometimes the prisoner would wax philosophically and drag the flow to a stop. 223 pages 5.0 9/1/90 FPL
War And Peace War And Peace
by: Tolstoy, Leo The long book everyone talks about when they talk long books. It's actually an easy read. The model for Herman Wolks 'War and Rememberence'. Different war same story. I could be the known as a great book only due to it's groundbreaking technique? I hated when Count Leo went on and on with his psuedo-theories. His name comes off my list of Russian authors, I have no desire to read 'Anna Karenina'. 1668 pages 5.0 9/1/90 FPL
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
by: Adams, Douglas A little humor when reading Russian Lit is a must. This book was great. Douglas' absurd style and macintosh references were nice. 247 pages 6.0 9/5/90 FPL
London Fields London Fields
by: Amis, Martin Great work, Martin has that bizarre edge, it's hard to put down even when it's sick, and it is sick. No wonder he cites Nabokov as an inspiration. He's using an expanded vocabulary this time. I had to read it with Websters College Dictionary nearby. Nicola the femme fatale, Guy the nice guy, Keith the street thug, and the author/ narrator something Martin likes to use to add another dimension to the story. 470 pages 8.0 10/1/90 FPL
Frontiers Frontiers
by: Asimov, Isaac Non-fiction I decided to check in with current trends in science. Interesting, but Isaac starts to repeat himself. This is due he says to the book being a collection of his columns in the LA Times. It would be better if the science was harder. 378 pages 4.0 10/1/90 FPL
Off The Road Off The Road
by: Cassady, Carolyn Oh man, when I saw this book I had to get it, even over Jacilyn Belushi's book, even 'though I was checking out volume 2 of War and Peace. It was a slow read and I didn't even care. There is something about Beat, that I can't get enough of even though it's the same story over and over. Its interest how you hope for the primary characters; Allen, Neil, and Jack to return when they are gone when you know they are home in some other persons book ie you miss them in Carolyns book when they are in NY, then miss them in Allens book when they are in SF. 429 pages 6.0 10/1/90 FPL
World At The End of Time, The World At The End of Time, The
by: Pohl, Fredrick Time for some Science Fiction. I seem to pick names I know this doesn't seem to work as much as it should. It took along time to get into this book, I was wondering if I'd finish it. I read most of it in two days so it got better. Still the whole plot was lame and the action wasn't that interesting. 393 pages 4.0 10/1/90 FPL
Voyagers III  Star Brothers Voyagers III Star Brothers
by: Bova, Ben The third book in a series, I'm sure I read the first, I doubt the second. It wasn't great, but at least I didn't have to struggle to get into it as I have with the last bunch of books I've read. It was an easy weekday read. 341 pages 6.0 11/1/90 FPL
Beyond The Fall Of Night Beyond The Fall Of Night
by: Clarke, Arthur C. and Benford , Gregory Clarkes 50 year old novella is good. Benfort then continues with his vision, the tone is different. Benford should have written his own book and left this one alone. 298 pages 4.0 11/1/90 FPL
Day World Breakup Day World Breakup
by: Farmer, Philip Jose I've read book I(?) this is book III, All it has going for it is an interesting story. At this point that was all I was interested in; some light reading. 324 pages 5.0 11/1/90 FPL
Real Frank Zappa Book, The Real Frank Zappa Book, The
by: Zappa, Frank and Occhiogrosso , Peter I went to the Library on a Friday Night just before it closed so I'd have something to read, by mid-Saturday afternoon I had this book read. Zappa leads a strange wonderfully interesting life. Opinionated as hell, Zappa reminds me of me! There' s many interesting tales. The best is the obscenity trial in England for '200 Motels'. Sure the lyrics (included) were sexual in nature but Zappa twisted the references, baffling them with bullshit. "Dance ZAPPA, dance" 352 pages 7.0 11/1/90 FPL
Louis-Ferdinand Celine Louis-Ferdinand Celine
by: Hayman, David Books of criticism are good for Biographical and Books of criticism are good for Biographical and Bibilographic information. information. 46 pages 4.0 12/1/90 MSU
Book of Dreams Book of Dreams
by: Kerouac, Jack Just that a book of dreams, which would be unintelligenible without all the background info I've aquired over the last couple of years. When I looked at it in the library I must have accidently looked at the only erotic dreams in the series, for there weren't that many. The best was one that mirror my early mourning computer work with Kimberly on my mind. I modified this to my own use and is in my journal. 184 pages 5.0 12/1/90 MSU
Vladimir Nabokov Vladimir Nabokov
by: Moynahan, Julian Books of criticism are good for Biographical and Bibliographic information. Julian's helped me sort out what was going on in 'Pale Fire'. Thanks. 45 pages 4.0 12/1/90 MSU
Pale Fire Pale Fire
by: Nabokov, Vladimir Rather like Uylesses, in it's use of obvious technical methods. It didn't seem to interfere , yet I didn't enjoy 'Pale Fire' as much as other Nabakov books. 315 pages 5.0 12/1/90 MSU
Goodbye Colombus Goodbye Colombus
by: Roth, Philip Interesting book, I was surprised by the movie's note by note score particularly the dialog. The book surprised me with the natural relationship between Neil and Brenda, in most books there is this staking and or a pain that has to be overcome first. Roth deals with the breakup in the same fashion, yet it's more dramatic, the small gaps in Brendas judgement make it impossible for Neil. sad. I was half way thru the next story before I figured out what was going on... I forgot there were other stories in the book. haha. 313 pages 6.0 12/1/90 MSU
Visual Display of Quantitative Information, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, The
by: Tufte, Edward R. The history and use of graphs. How lies are spread and information is misused by them. The difference between plotting and graphing, don't clutter your presention with plotting, thats what you do at home; building the graph. 191 pages 5.0 12/1/90 MSU
Way The World Works, The Way The World Works, The
by: Wanniski , Jude From the pages of 'Reason' a great book on how economics works on a macro scale. Cut taxes drop trade barriers, that's the answer. Adam Smith is our saint. 303 pages 7.0 12/1/90 MSU
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