1989 Reading Record Comments
  Around this time I got a flat file database for my Macintosh call "Record Holder", which was a nice little database but wasn't very powerful. One of the first databases I created was a reading database. I went back to my notebooks and inputed all the books I could find. I hunted down all the books in our house, which I read. A couple years later when I got "Panorama" I transfered the reading database to this more powerful platform.
My comments are getting longer, but if you want more information about the book, click the title or the book image for links to Amazon.
Page Count Grade 0-9 Date I finished Source (FPL: Fargo Public Library, MSU: Minnesota State University Moorhead Library)
Doctor Brodie's Report Doctor Brodie's Report
by: Borges, Jorge Luis I was looking in vain for reading material in the FPL, looking in particular for Paul Bowles. Instead I picked this, some nice short stories to read before retiring. 125 pages 5.0 1/1/89 FPL
Life It Brings, The Life It Brings, The
by: Bernstein, Jeremy I read most of this book the year I subscribed to the New Yorker. I debated rereading the magazine, but that would be stupid, so I checked out the book. I loved it. Jeremy was at the anti-pole to the Beat scene of the 50's, 'though he shared the Beat's love of BeBop jazz. It's important to understand both sides of life. It helpped to be a former chemistry major when reading it, I knew all the names he mentioned! 171 pages 7.0 1/7/89 FPL
Cradle Cradle
by: Clarke, Arthur C. and Lee, Gentry I get the feeling that Clarke didn't write more than the outline of this story, then proofed Lee's writing when it was done. Still, it's nice to go back to Sci-Fi after all the serious fiction and non-fiction I've been reading. 293 pages 5.0 1/14/89 FPL
Portraits In Silicon Portraits In Silicon
by: Slater, Robert Many-a-time I walked by this book, finally i picked it up. I'm glad I did. Each chapter deals with someone important in the computer indusrty. The chapter on William Norris was like deja vu. They started talking about the 660, 7700 and the Star 100 released in 1974 and I was there!! favorite quote, "It's easier to apologize than to get permission" - Grace Hopper. Not only did she invent Programing languages (no more hand wiring including COBOL, but coined the term debugging, when they had insects in their computer. 351 pages 8.0 2/1/89 FPL
by: Anderson, Ronald W. Here i thought was the perfect book for me. unfortunately it wasn't. I did use it as a warm up for Tuirbo-Pascal. I read it at work during the day concurently with Turbo-Pascal at night. 241 pages 4.0 2/7/89 FPL
Introduction To The Art And Science Of Programming, An Introduction To The Art And Science Of Programming, An
Turbo Pascal Edition
by: Savitch, Walter J. That God MSU had this in their library. NDSU didn't have shit for Pascal! NDSU has the Computer science department, has a room full of Macs and the largest library in the region. Governor Sinner hasn't bought a book in four years?! (I'm getting off the track here) Not only did MSU have standard text on PASCAL, but one for Turbo-Pascal the brand I have. Reading it first was smart, it gave me a feel for the language and the algorithms used by Pascal. It does differ from Basic especially the way I use it haha. 554 pages 4.0 2/14/89 MSU
Macintosh Pascal Macintosh Pascal
by: Carmony, L. and Holliday, R. This is the Pascal book i was orginally looking for in the FPL. Granted, last time I checked it out I thought so little of it I didn't read it or record it. Now, it makes sense. I'm like a dull knife and each book I read makes me sharper. (Two years later I still don't cut it) I have nothing to cut, but is that the point? haha The only weakness is I don't have the brand of PASCAl they're using. It's strength is the Mac; it's the only book that tells how Pascal relates to the Mac. 486 pages 5.0 2/21/89 FPL
W. Somerset Maugham W. Somerset Maugham
by: Loss, Archie K. Bob and i were browsing through the FPL, I grabbed this book on Maugham's work. I'm boored with my current reading and thought I read another of his works, and i used this book to tell which one(s) to read next. 115 pages 4.0 3/1/89 FPL
Cake And Ale Cake And Ale
by: Maugham, W. Somerset After reading Archie Loss's book, I picked up a number of Maugham books. At first i didn't like this book but as he introduced Rosie and to a lesser extent Edward Driffield I got into it. Somersets sedution by Rosie was especially interesting. 272 pages 6.0 3/4/89 MSU
Asheden Asheden
by: Maugham, W. Somerset Somerset made Asheden more interesting than he led us to believe his own stint in the British Secret Service was. 304 pages 6.0 3/10/89 MSU
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
by: Kafka, Franz I ran into Kafka references twice in my readings, so I decided to check one out, the shortest I could find.. The protagonist turns into a bug, Ithought this was a weriod coincidence as Elaine Boosler did in her Cinemax special. Bob set me straight, by reminding me she took this very book off the self in the beginning. The story does't do anything for me. 98 pages 5.0 3/14/89 FPL
God Knows God Knows
by: Heller, Joseph After reading Vonegut's 'Bluebeard' (simular to Heller's 'Picture This' I decided to look for Heller as he's oe of the best... a good bet. It didn't hit as hard or as deep as his earlier ones. (Maybe it's me?) I did enjoy the loves of David, as they were poetically sweet, quite beautiful. I also read the Bible as concurent reference! But, after Two books (of the Bible) I found it didn't make Heller any better. I did notice my red Bible is a bad translation and the Brown one has paper that is too thin! 353 pages 7.0 3/20/89 FPL
Bluebeard Bluebeard
by: Vonnegut, Kurt I'm glad I grabbed this. It's a great time to read some vonnegut; I'm boored with non-fiction and can't get fired up by anyone in particular. The subject is abstract art. His character is a sympthatic everyman who makes good by shear luck. It wasn't good Vonnegut but a great read anyway. 300 pages 7.0 3/24/89 FPL
Galapagos Galapagos
by: Vonnegut, Kurt I checked this out after reading 'Bluebeard'. It's forced, Vonnegut used the novel to show how unfit the human race is for survival. Although it was amusing, Kurt seemed to run out of steam by the end of the novel, yet it took that long to get the novel started! 295 pages 6.0 3/28/89 FPL
Little Kingdom, The Little Kingdom, The
by: Moritz, Michael A fascinationg bbook, it makes you wonder how Apple Computer got anywhere. Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniack could have ended up in jail for all the goofs with 'blue boxes'. It just goes to show; all you need is a great idea and some money behind you. In this case thay had the idea and they found some people to give them the money. How I don't know, that about 'pie in the sky'... 327 pages 7.0 4/1/89 MSU
New York City New York City
by: MacBean, J. P. This was a 1989 travel guide. I wanted to see what new to do in NYC. It had an interesting history of the city. I did find some new thigs to do. 243 pages 3.0 4/4/89 FPL
View From Space, The View From Space, The
American Astronaut Photography 1962-1972
by: Schick, Ron and Haaften, Julie Sure this is a picture book, but there was some interesting text. The photography was beautiful and far from common place. 128 pages 5.0 4/8/89 FPL
Winter's Tales Winter's Tales
by: Winters, Johathan I'd seen the book before, but waited till now (I was desperate for material) He has a warped imagination that results in some weriod warped tales. I liked the short tales, the weriodness and imagining his voice reading them. 216 pages 4.0 4/12/89 FPL
Rocking Around The Clock Rocking Around The Clock
Music Television, Postmodernism, and Consumer Culture
by: Kaplan, E. Ann She was on Rolling Stone's 'Hip Reading List' , but not this book. These theories are what Astrology is to Astronomy. They have their own universe, their own vocabulary, and their own explanations. The only thing I learned was she doesn't understand the rock Culture at all. 190 pages 3.0 4/16/89 MSU
Unbearable Lightness Of Being, The Unbearable Lightness Of Being, The
by: Kundera, Milan This was on Rolling Stone's 'Hip Reading List'. The prose was beautiful, although in places it seemed the translation was weak. The book was easy, I read it in three sittings. 314 pages 6.0 4/20/89 MSU
Book Of Laughter And Forgetting, The Book Of Laughter And Forgetting, The
by: Kundera, Milan After reading "The Unbearable Lightness of Being". I felt like reading more Kundera. This was made up of unrelated pieces having to do with Laughter and Forgetting. I'm not sure what he's trying to get across here; the laughter of innocents, the forgetfulness of time and the Communist with it's bloody conscience. 228 pages 5.0 5/1/89 MSU
We The Living We The Living
by: Rand, Ayn A somewhat depressing book along the lines of last months "The Unbearable Lightness of Being". This book came recommented to me by Suzanne. I enjoyed reading it; although the characters led such desperate lives, I cheered them on, and cursed when they were wronged. I've read enough East Block Lit. for now! 433 pages 5.0 5/7/89 MSU
Glory Days, Bruce Springsteen In The 1980's Glory Days, Bruce Springsteen In The 1980's
by: Marsh, Dave An unsolicited gift from Dad, it was on sale at K-Mart! Dave is close to Bruce and the book reads that way. I don't remember "Before I get Old" as being this biased. The information is still interesting. I made a list of Non Album material on the inside cover and the book sparted a month of Springsteen music for me. 228 pages 5.0 5/14/89 Craig
Brief History Of Time, A Brief History Of Time, A
by: Hawking, Stephen I found the book this time only because I got the spelling right. Another reason is it's summer session and so the most popular books are accessable as a glance at the return card proves. At first this book seemed like an easy read, by chapter 5 on subatomic particles I was into new material (for me), by chapter 7 I was struggling with a Black Hole. But this was only his area of expertise, after I got out the Black Hole chapter things got eaiser. Stephen closed the book with some fluff biographys that served as nothing more than filler. 182 pages 5.0 5/21/89 MSU
Chaos Chaos
Making a New Science
by: Gleik, James Another science book from the Rolling Stone 'Hip Reading List'. This one was easier to follow. Interesting how randomness seems to follow certain forms, how these forms can bring forward such complicated interesting biology. I copied down some references to do Fractals on computers. 340 pages 6.0 6/7/89 MSU
Courage To Change, The Courage To Change, The
by: Wholey, Dennis This went on my list because one chapter was on Pete Townshend. This was mentioned in Musican Interview. I read a feww other interviews namely grace Slick and Gram Chapman. this book on drunks wasn't that good, I guess it wasn't meant to be entertaining. 35 pages 4.0 6/14/89 MSU
Iron Giant, The Iron Giant, The
by: Hughes, Ted Pete Townshend's new album is based on a childrens book! It was hard to find. MSU didn't have it, but their computer showed they had it. WhenI figured out that TRN wasn't TRM I got the book from NDSU through the FPL interlibrary loan. I read the whole book while eating a pizza for lunch. I didn't mean to but it is a childrens book for christ sake. I don't see what Pete saw in it. 56 pages 5.0 6/21/89 FPL
Blimey! Another Book About London Blimey! Another Book About London
by: Goddard, Donald It looked good and was entertaining, yet I'm sure things have changed from 1972.It's beginning to worry me that I can't find anything I want to see while I'm in England, I have a longer list for the Twin Cities! 206 pages 4.0 6/28/89 MSU
Modern Britain, 1885-1955 Modern Britain, 1885-1955
History Of England Series
by: Pelling, Henry I want to bone up on current UK history to shine in the face of Suzanne's knowlege of old Britian. I figure most landmarks will be twentith century. The book is good as it covers a lot of ground without so many pages. 193 pages 2.0 7/2/89 MSU
Fax, Maps And Figures On London Fax, Maps And Figures On London
by: Maas, Suzanne Suzanne was faxing and mailing photocopies of everything she got her hands on, yet I still could find aything of interesting. 229 pages 2.0 7/10/89 Suzanne
London Scene, The London Scene, The
by: Woolf, Virginia After reading 'Modern Britian', I had a list of Authors to check out. One of which was Virginia. When I saw this Slim volume on London it seemed a good deal. All prose, it didn't do anything for me, nor spark any interest in London. 44 pages 2.0 7/10/89 MSU
Good As Gold Good As Gold
by: Heller, Joseph After reading "God Knows" awhile ago I thought I'd read this one again as a treat. With "Catch 22" and "Something Happened" this is his best, an american trilogy. 488 pages 7.0 7/21/89 Craig
Bright And Shinning Lie, A Bright And Shinning Lie, A
John Paul Vann And America In Vietnam
by: Sheehan, Neil I was the first at MSU to check out this opus. I read it fast because I thought at any minute I would be asked for it back. That and the fact it was so interesting. John vann was a dascinating complex man. Vietnam was a stream of errors both in diplomacy and military force. 820 pages 9.0 7/28/89 MSU
Without Feathers Without Feathers
by: Allen, Woody I found this on the shelf, with only one other book, I figured I'd take it along. Small and easy to read at work, it wasn't funny, just strange. You had to read it with Woody's voice in mind; like Johathan Winter's book. The Quotes on the back made it sound like I'd be laughing out loud, I didn't even smile. Maybe it's dated material? 221 pages 4.0 9/1/89 MSU
Things Gone And Things Still Here Things Gone And Things Still Here
by: Bowles, Paul A collection of short stories, just the right size and length for my bag, to read over lunch, up on the deck, over at ECI, in the van, etc. Interesting snapshots of Morroco, Thailand, elsewhere. 89 pages 5.0 9/1/89 MSU
Motion of Light In Water, The Motion of Light In Water, The
by: Delany, Samuel R. There were a couple of Delaney books, the rest I can get later used, but this one I just couldn't resist. I started reading it on the plane home to Fargo. I planned to write on the plane but once I started this there was no way. Not only does his give alot of background on his life in this memoir but tells what went into his writing. His is a remarkable life, and this is a remarkable book. It only covered a couple of years so I hope this is the start of a long series! 306 pages 8.0 9/1/89 Craig
Coming of Age In the Milky Way Coming of Age In the Milky Way
by: Ferris, Timothy The history of science, mostly physics with a little biology thrown in. It's surprising how much he managed to pack into this book. It was easy to read and was more even handed than Stephen Hawkins book. This book also gave a number of interesting quotes to put on the NCR computer at work. The section on Quantum mechanics was difficult but then the subject is pretty tough. 388 pages 6.0 9/1/89 MSU
Sun Also Rises, The Sun Also Rises, The
by: Hemingway, Ernest A good book but not a masterpiece, in fact I much prefer the W. Somerset Maugan books about the 1920's There were some interesting charactors, but they didn't do anything but talk and drink. Maybe that's the point, Hemingway was a journalist. (To hell with you, Brett Ashley) 259 pages 5.0 9/1/89 MSU
Lonesome Traveler Lonesome Traveler
by: Kerouac, Jack This came from reading part of Suzaane's Ginsberg book. I thought it'd be great to read another Kerouac book. This one had all his travels around the country, France and Tangiers, so I thought it'd be cool. Unfortunately he's such a loney soul, all it was was depressing. 183 pages 5.0 9/1/89 MSU
White Paper White Paper
by: Starbuck , George Another reference from Delany. George has some intesting ideas and they're all modern with no arcarric references. It was a small easy book that was just right for boored afternoons upstairs at Baker. 67 pages 5.0 9/1/89 MSU
Rest of the Robots, The Rest of the Robots, The
by: Asimov, Isaac I thought some robot stories were in order and I remember Bob telling me about the ones in his book that didn't sound familar. I borrowed the book and it was perfect; it had all the stuff not in I Robot or his new one. At first I wasn't going to read the novels, just he short stories, but I ran out of things to read. I also realized I was a junior in high school when I read Caves of Steel and The Naked Sun. Isaac was like an old friend. A good read: interesting and challenging. 556 pages 6.0 10/1/89 Bob
Washington Goes to War Washington Goes to War
by: Brinkley , David Book club junk mail was the reference that brought me to this book. I had it written down for sometime, I think the library just got it as I was only the second person to check it out. The idea is fascinating, the stories he tells are remarkable and the writing just flows. Everyday, I was telling dad about something it the book and he'd reply with how it affected life in Sydney. 288 pages 5.0 10/1/89 MSU
Carmilla Carmilla
by: LeFanu, J.S. I was looking throught the American Publishers mailorder catolog, in the video tape section. They listed this interesting vampire story which they said was based on this short story. The book is actually a collection of storys but I just read Carmilla. The book is actually called Best Ghost Stories of J.S. LeFanu. The story was ok, nothing sectacular but it did give me a reference for my vampire/halloween drawing I want to do. Nowadays, it seems I need such a reference to do a drawing. Just coping images isn't enough reason: I need a plot! 65 pages 5.0 10/1/89 MSU
Here Be Dragons Here Be Dragons
by: Penman , Sharon Kay It was good reading, but I was fighting an overwelming urge to read science fiction. I started the book on the advice of my sister who said David recomended it. I was waiting for something to happen whether it be interest history wrapped in fiction or adventure wrapped in fantasy. Neither happened, so when Suazanne called, I said "I get the impression this is nothing more than a soap opera in a historic setting." "It is", she replied; so I stopped reading it for Bob's Rest of the Robots. 87 pages 2.0 10/1/89 MSU
Millennium Millennium
by: Varley, John It turns out the MSU doesn't have that large of a SF collection, but I was in the mood for some Science Fiction. In other words in need of a good read. This book by Varley fit the bill. The 250 pages went by quickly, now I have to get some more If I can only remember who's good and what I've read! 250 pages 6.0 10/1/89 MSU
Time Machine, The Time Machine, The
by: Wells, H.G. I was hunting up in the attic for this story, turns out I never had the book or read the story. It's an easy book to find so I thought I had read it. I didn't. I did catch a glimps of the movie on TBS while flipping channels and of course the picture of Yvette M. in my Monsters magazine. The story is writen in that early 1900's romantic style full of psuedo-science theories, yet it was a pleasant way to sent a few hours. 144 pages 6.0 10/1/89 MSU
Science Fiction Source Book, The Science Fiction Source Book, The
by: Wingrove, David The number of science fiction books and authors is staggering! It's been so long since I was in to reading them hot and heavy, I decided I needed a guide to sort the chaff from the grain. I was only going to make notes but there were so many interesting features I read the whole thing. The ratings went into just enough detail and seem pretty accurate. His opinions matched mine so he seems to have good taste. In fact I was surprise by how highly he rated Samuel R. Delany, giving him five stars in every category on almost every book! 311 pages 5.0 10/1/89 MSU
Illustarted Edgar Allan Poe, The Illustarted Edgar Allan Poe, The
by: Poe, Edgar Allan Bob Erikson from work made a few passing remarks about Poe. I got Bob N.'s Poe book hoping to find some interesting quotes to put on the computer at work. I didn't find anything, if it wasn't the only thing i had to read I would have stopped. 246 pages 3.0 11/1/89 Bob
I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon
by: Dick, Philip K. I went into the FPL with a long SF book list and a memory of their hugh SF section. It seemed that way when I was a kid. But the memory was wrong, the only good books in their collection I had all ready read. My list drew a blank so I went by the authors; there was only on Dick book that I hadn't read. This was a collection of short stories, some good some great. 179 pages 6.0 11/7/89 FPL
Left Hand Of Darkness, The Left Hand Of Darkness, The
by: LeGuin, Ursula K. The only book on my SF list I could find at the FPL. At first it was slow and i could only read one chapter before falling asleep. It picked up at the halfway point. Then I finished it in two sittings. She spent all that time setting the story up to let it end so soon. It was good but not great. Delany takes the same subject and pushes it further and harder. 218 pages 4.0 11/14/89 FPL
Great Comic Book Artist, The Great Comic Book Artist, The
by: Goulart, Ron A gift from Dad, on a return from some trip. He placed it in front of my scrabbled eggs on the Sunday breakfast table. He loves buying books on sale, and made another good choice for me. The various artist profiled ranged from poor hacks to excedingly good. 121 pages 4.0 11/21/89 Craig
Behavioural Approach To The Management Of Stress, A Behavioural Approach To The Management Of Stress, A
by: Beech, Burns, Sheffield, I wanted to get a handle on my stress problems, and I loved the attack of the Fruedians, mirroring much of my own thoughts on the subject. I read over and copied the directions for coping and reducing stress. The Progressive Relaxation seems to work. 125 pages 4.0 11/28/89 MSU
Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, The
by: Marlowe, Christopher I though the footnotes and opinions would help me understand this classical work, but I found it just got in the way. The only help I needed was the old English words, but there I was left high and dry. So I ignored all but the text. 198 pages 4.0 12/1/89 MSU
Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
by: Mackay, Harvey I was desperate for reading material, so much so that I started looking at all the books that Mom and Dad have laying around. This was a gift to dad, one that I didn't give because I thought it was too much money. Interesting but in the end none too helpful. It did brighten my outlook for at least one day and I laid off Victor. These type books are stupid; any one can write them; makeup a stupid theory then find examples to illustrate it. 273 pages 3.0 12/7/89 Dad
One Minute Manager, The One Minute Manager, The
by: Blanchard, Kenneth H. and Johnson, Spencer Slightly better than 'Swim With The Sharks' if only because it tells a little story. It deals with management from the standpoint of Behaviorist Theory. I wonder how it really works for the authors, I'd like to hear about them! In all fairness I agree with them and if everyone used it one could get something done for a change. 111 pages 4.0 12/10/89 Dad
On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors
John Z. De Lorean's Look Inside The Automotive Giant
by: Wright, Patrick Each day I put off going to the Library, I read yet another book from downstairs. this one was more interesting than the rest. It would be more believable if DeLorean told about some of the dumb things he did. It's hard to swallow what with his drug finance bust. 237 pages 4.0 12/14/89 Dad
Walker In The City, A Walker In The City, A
by: Kazin, Alfred Surprisingly good. It had a Beat flavor to it. Alfred's impression of his neighbors and neighborhood as he was growing up in Brownsville. (A poor section of Brooklyn) He was a heavy reader and this changed his life rather like Ginsberg reading Blake. Kazin mentions such names as Whitman. Alfred's writing has the same melodramatic lint as Walts. 176 pages 5.0 12/21/89 Mom
Profiles In Courage Profiles In Courage
by: Kennedy, John F. As Jim Wineno said, "There's profiles but not much courage in that book". Sure it was an interesting read, but I don't know that John showed anything important. It did spark an interesting in looking up references to Sam Houston. 211 pages 4.0 12/28/89 Mom
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