Jim & Carol Peterson Lake Home
33693 Pickerel View Drive
Richville, MN 56576

This panoramic image above was stitched in Adobe Photoshop using six images.

You can use your mouse to move quickly around the image by clicking, holding the left mouse key down, and then moving the mouse either left or right. The further you move it the faster it will go. Or use the keyboard controls listed to the right.

This images uses the panorado Java applet to work. You must have Java on your computer- most do.

Navigate Using The keyboard
  • F5 - Restarts the image.
  • F4 - Toggles between mouse modes.
  • 1 - Sets the scale to 100%.
  • 2 - Sets the scale to 200%.
  • 5 - Sets the scale to 50%.
  • A - Shows as much of the image as possible.
  • +/- Zooms (in/out).
  • Cursor keys - Pans the image.
  • Shift+Cursor keys - Moves the image evenly.
  • Escape - Stops moving the image.
  • C - Toggles visibility of the compass scale.
  • H - Toggles visibility of hotspots.